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Nicholas is back in the hospital and things are bad; Arizona tells his parents calmly that they'll have to tube him to help him breathe. However, Derek runs in with his superhero cape fluttering behind and tells Arizona to just bag him as they have finished the instruments. He hands over the release forms to the parents and they sign in a daze while Arizona jokes about his timing and Derek says he likes to be dramatic. It would be more charming if there didn't seem to be more than a grain of truth there, given his ego.

Kelsey is also in dire straits, but so far no organs have magically appeared in the hospital. Her kidneys are shutting down and she's turned a chalky shade of grey, all the better to make Cristina feel guilty as she says weakly that Cristina said she just had to hang on until New Year's Eve. Cristina tries to remain positive and says there will be drunks all over the road that night, but she doesn't seem entirely to believe herself.

A ton of doctor extras are gathered in the gallery to watch Derek go in through Nicholas' nose and do the surgery. He, Mark and Arizona are all looking through microscopes and even though Derek frets that he could have used another day, he finishes up successfully. There's much rejoicing among all the docs as well as Meredith and Lexie, who have been there watching. Derek then looks at the clock and sees that it's a few seconds to midnight, so they all count down and kiss through their masks. It's totally contrived, but still sweet.

Hunt is in the ER and finds himself gazing at Teddy, who doesn't notice. Cristina walks in and smiles, thinking he's looking in her direction, but when she realizes who he really is watching -- and when he finally sees her and looks totally guilty -- she walks out. Hunt then grabs Teddy and roughly pulls her into an empty room to talk. Teddy was totally oblivious to the little drama that just unfolded and is pretty pissed at this treatment, especially when Hunt demands to know why she said what she did last week about her feelings. She wants to know why he cares, and as they yell at each other the truth comes out -- Hunt absolutely felt the same way about her, but she's crushed since he never once gave her any indication of his feelings. It's a supercharged environment and Teddy admits that she's loved him as long as she's known him, whether she was single or not, and she leans in as she's talking until they nearly kiss. But just as I'm thinking the worst of Owen, he tells Teddy that he loves Cristina, and he walks out.

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