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Teddy walks out, a bit shellshocked, to answer Cristina's page, and she happily reports that she just confirmed brain death on an 18-year-old and made all of the arrangements for the heart to go to Kelsey. After she gives Teddy the whole rundown, she happily declares that this is why New Year's Eve is her favorite holiday. Teddy's not in the mood, and I suspect she's wondering why she has lost out to this sadistic woman, so she tells Cristina to stop, and pulls her over to show her the room where the newly brain-dead teen is lying. Her dad is in there, sobbing over her body, and it's sobering even for Cristina. Teddy tells her that this isn't a celebration and for once, Cristina seems to really understand that.

New Year's Day. Kelsey is out of surgery, her kidneys have stabilized, and she's back to a normal shade of human. She can't stop feeling her heartbeat and she has her boyfriend feel as well, but Cristina declines the offer and instead listens to her chest with a stethoscope. As she listens, Boyfriend pulls out a ring, and a shocked but happy Kelsey asks him what he's doing. Cristina echoes the sentiment, much less happily, but Boyfriend plunges in, saying that it's only been a couple of months (and only technically four dates, Kelsey reminds him) but they've been through war together and come out the other side, which means they can get through anything. Did everyone catch the contrived, emphasized war reference and Cristina's troubled notice of the word? Yes? It would be impossible not to, it was so clunky? Well, there you have it. He asks Kelsey to marry him and she happily accepts, while Cristina watches them with a face of stone.

She then goes outside and finds Hunt out in the cold. He looks absolutely tortured and she tells him that while she can be insensitive, she's not oblivious. She actually begins crying as she tells him he shouldn't be together just because he feels like he owes her something, because she knows he and Teddy went through war. He turns to her and grabs her into a crazy hot, deep kiss. He tells her between kisses that he loves her, and that he wants to be together with her for that very reason. She is uncharacteristically insecure and asks if he's sure, so he starts kissing her anew. Excuse me a moment while I go fan myself for a moment, Holy Hot Army Majors.

New Year's Voiceover Time! "Every day, we get to give the gift of life. It can be painful. It can be terrifying. But in the end, it's worth it. Every time." Mark, Arizona and Derek look through a window into Nicholas' room and happily watch as he plays with his parents.

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