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Back at the hospital, Teddy and Cristina are working in a patient's open chest -- the problem is that the girl's body is rejecting her donor heart. Avery mentions for our future knowledge that she had been on her third date with the guy that brought her in, and then we get back to the medicine; her heart is so bad that Teddy is going to have to take it out now. Cristina asks what they are going to replace it with, but Teddy says she doesn't know, and they'll have to figure it out as they go. The statement is dramatic enough to linger while we fade to the title card.

After surgery, they are talking to her date (helpfully ID'd by imdb as "Kelsey's boyfriend") who is really confused as to how Kelsey is currently lying there without a heart. Avery starts explaining but Cristina impatiently cuts him off to explain how there are a couple of machines hooked up to Kelsey's blood vessels that are pumping her blood. Boyfriend says he likes her a lot even though this was only their fourth date, but he's upset since he was supposed to go home for Thanksgiving, and was bringing Kelsey along. Teddy gently tells him that if he wants to go, she will be in good hands with the staff, but Boyfriend says that she has no family, and if it was him he'd want someone there so he will stay. Cristina stares at him -- she doesn't really change expression but the lingering shot leads me to believe that this has made her Think. Teddy is clearly happy about his decision, while Avery looks troubled, and poor Boyfriend just looks really, really nervous.

Callie walks up to the nurses station in time to overhear Bailey on the phone. She's talking to her mom about how sorry she is to have to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and that she and Tucker would have loved to bring Little Tuck home. Once Bailey hangs up, Callie asks her the obvious, which is if she hasn't told her parents about the divorce. She asks how long Bailey thinks she can keep that a secret, but Bailey hits back right where it counts, asking how long Callie kept the secret about how she was dating women from her family. Callie gets it and nods, but Bailey looks troubled.

Lexie is helping a kid, Nicholas, with a crazy nosebleed when Derek comes in and tells the parents that the boy has Something Fancyitis. Arizona explains that the boy has a tangle of blood vessels in his brain that need to be removed right away, and when the parents understandably freak out a little bit Derek promises them as always to do the best he can, but says they have to operate immediately.

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