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While Derek works away on a light-up practice brain, Mark talks about Sloan and how he wants to just run away where nowhere can find him, he doesn't even know what she wants since they haven't talked, and his guilt. Derek tries to clear him of that guilt by pointing out that Mark didn't know, but Mark admits that he did know Samantha got pregnant, and that he gave her cash and left, assuming she had an abortion. Derek thinks a second and says that now Mark is a different guy now, not 18 anymore. I get the impression he's supposed to mean it but he's still kind of distracted and sounds kind of insincere. There isn't much time to think about it, though, because Arizona comes in and reports that Nicholas is back with a really bad nosebleed. Derek isn't ready, so Arizona says she'll transfuse until it is. She asks if it's going to be soon, sounding hopeful, but neither man answers her.

Bailey's dad, Bill, is up in the gallery watching a surgery when Callie finds him and introduces herself. She tells him that Bailey is doing a hernia repair, which is something they get a lot of at Christmas with all the heavy lifting, also talking happily about the extra broken bones they see. As if it's a logical next topic, she then says that she's now dating women. Bill is taken aback, but Callie explains that her family had a hard time but they are now working through it, and she brings it up because Bailey told her that Bill is having a hard time with the divorce. Very sincerely, she tells him that Bailey didn't come to the decision lightly, and that she's a great person. She seems to read on his face that she overstepped her bounds and stops herself, wishing him a merry Christmas.

Teddy, Cristina, Avery and a random extra doc are wheeling Kelsey, in a robe and snow hat, down the hall. Teddy asks if Hunt ever told Cristina about the time he made it snow, and when Cristina answers in the negative, tells a story about a time that Hunt ordered a snow machine when they were out in the desert. The snow wouldn't stick, so he blindfolded everyone and put their faces up to the machine, and Teddy positively gushes when she says one kid from Minnesota cried that it felt like Christmas. When Teddy leans over to fix one of Kelsey's wires, Avery leans in and begins mocking her, cooing about how, "Hunt's so delicious when he's tending to bloody soldiers!" Cristina immediately tells him to shut up.

After surgery, Bailey finds her dad and asks him how he liked it, clearly proud of herself. He tells her that he's been a proud father her whole life, and as he goes on about all the recitals and graduations he's attended there is clearly a huge "but" coming, though Bailey doesn't seem to realize that. It makes it all the worse when he tells her that as she fixed a fat man's hernia, he felt ashamed of her for the first time for giving up her family and coming home to an empty house just for that. He claims he would be a bad father if he didn't tell her he thinks she's making a mistake, and then goes so far as to say that she has set her son up to fail, and the child he raised is a better person than that. It really started out badly and then went from low blow to even lower blow, and Bailey is rightfully taken aback to hear all this from her own father.

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