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Afterward, both Bailey and Cristina go to Meredith's for Christmas dinner. Teddy asks how Kelsey did and Bailey first explains to everyone who the girl is, and then says happily that she did a bowel repair while the girl was awake. Her father, whose mood seems only to have gotten worse, chastises her for using the word "bowel" at the dinner table, which serves to embarrass absolutely everyone. After a moment of silence, Bailey quietly says that her child is healthy, and while her dad tries to interrupt a few times she defends that she outgrew her marriage, and that it was a toxic environment and not what she wanted to model for her son. Her dad argues this isn't the time and place, though anyone could realistically argue back that he completely started it. Everyone else just stares down at their plates and Bailey finally says that part of the reason she is happy is because she got to repair a bowel and save a life, which is God's work and therefore appropriate Christmas dinner table conversation. All of the surgeons agree, though quietly, as if they don't want Bill turning all Angry Dad on them too. Bailey repeats through tears that Tuck is healthy and she is happy, which is enough for her today, and then begins to angrily stab at some turkey until Arizona offers green beans down the table to break the silence. Everyone starts with the false cheer while Bailey pulls herself back together.

It's New Year's Eve, and Richard tries to show Mere a new suture but can't do it because his hands are shaking so badly, so he offers to talk her through it. Given that the shakes were too obvious to ignore, he tells her then that last night was his last drink, and as such the shaking will stop soon. Mere says that's good, and then actually goes so far as to ask if she has to stop drinking tequila because she really likes it. Aren't we past her trying to make light of this, given that he has tremors? As a grown woman, can't she see that alcoholic or not, mentioning her own drinking is at best super inappropriate and at worst unsupportive and makes him think it's really not that bad, so he goes back to it? I don't get why her good sense took a leave of absence for the holidays.

Lexie and Mark are huddled together in their apartment while Sloan obliviously reads on the sofa. Lexie's had enough, and she says that as Sloan has shown no signs of leaving, Mark needs to talk to her or no more sex. She's finally gotten to him where it counts, and Mark walks up to his daughter and asks what she is reading. Sloan is a tad (just a tad) smarter than I thought, and she knows this is the beginning of the conversation where he asks what her plans are. She starts to get teary as she moans that she knows they don't really like her, and Lexie is freaked out because she's, "kinda, like, hotter than her," but... she's pregnant. Sloan, not Lexie. They haven't given this girl one redeeming characteristic so far, so my reaction is to roll my eyes up into my head -- if they hadn't proven Mark's paternity I'd figure she was just taking him for a ride. That said, I won't believe this pregnancy until I see a positive test. She claims her mother kicked her out and she has nowhere else to go, so Mark holds her and tries to soothe her and say it's going to be okay.

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