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Baby Fever
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We pan over Seattle at night as Meredith kicks off this week's voiceover. "We're doctors. We're trained to care for human beings and we're pretty sure we know what to look for: cuts, infection, genetic mutation." After saying last week that they were going to talk about the baby issue, it looks like the talk quickly became a screaming match, and that's what we're lucky enough to see. Callie thinks that Arizona's feelings about not wanting a child make no sense, both because everyone wants kids (oh dear) and because she has roller skates in her shoes. Arizona is mightily pissed off, thinking Callie is saying that something is clearly wrong with her; that she's not natural or womanly, but is instead cold and dead inside. Callie argues that she's not saying that but I agree with Arizona when she says that in a small way, she totally is. She is obviously angry, but she also seems pretty desperate. Callie tries to pull herself together, and after a moment asks Arizona to humor her and picture a little baby. Arizona's mad face is making me laugh -- she pushes her lips together and out and kind of looks like a duck. I'm wondering if this is an acting choice or what Jessica Capshaw also does in real life. Callie gets all wistful and mushy as she describes the sweet baby and its baby smell, and asks if that doesn't just melt Arizona. Arizona isn't melted a drop, and tells Callie that what melts her is them going on a vacation to Spain and drinking Sangria on the beach. Callie gets thoroughly angry and can't believe she isn't getting a baby because Arizona wants some sangria.

There's a commotion and she walks out of her room as Cristina opens the front door to a desperate Mark looking for suture kits. He then yells for Arizona and as Owen joins the group he manages to spit out, "Baby, now!" just as Sloan lets out a loud scream. They all run in and find Teddy in one of Mark's shirts holding the baby, and everyone springs into action. Callie runs to get Arizona's bag while Teddy cuts the cord, and then Arizona takes the baby, who still has yet to let out a cry. Teddy assures Sloan that she did great while Arizona massages the little guy's chest and coos at him, and eventually he lets out a cry. Callie runs in just in time to see her hand him gently over to Mark, and it appears the sight hits her like a knife in the chest. She recovers quickly, though, and beams at him as he grins at the cute baby in his arms.

Derek is meeting with some dude in his office and Mere comes across Cristina waiting nervously outside. When Mere tries to ask her if she helped deliver Sloan's baby Cristina shuts her down because the dude in Derek's office is someone named Tom Evans, and she begs Meredith to act cool. As Teddy walks by Cristina calls the news after her and catches Teddy by surprise -- turns out the guy is a famous cardiothoracic surgeon who is going to be doing a "bloodless cabbage on a beating heart" that day. Is he going to chop up a salad inside someone's chest cavity all while keeping the knife clean? Cristina is surprised that Teddy didn't know about it but encourages her to scrub in, but Teddy sneezes and then gets a page and leaves.

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