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Mark dejectedly shuffles into Derek's office and complains that the day needs to be over, and Derek readily agrees. Derek pouts that he was supposed to watch Evans work and instead was stuck in an OR watching Teddy fall apart. Beggars can't be choosers, dude -- you're the one who was complaining you never saw the inside of an OR anymore. Mark then asks about Evans and when Derek says Evans is looking around, Mark's hackles immediately go up and he asks why when Derek has Teddy. Derek, in his best Superior Asshole voice, points out that he doesn't need Teddy if he has Evans. Mark is shocked and rather desperately says that he can't do it, causing Derek to heave a weary sigh and bitch that he can't do his job and staff the hospital based on her being Hunt's friend and Mark's current plaything. He then moans about his job but Mark's pissed, and yells at him for complaining about that when Mark is about to lose, and I quote, "everything." He picks up and throws a coffee mug, smashing it to pieces, so Derek picks up a glass award sitting on his desk and hands that over to Mark to smash next. Mark is confused by the gesture and glares at it for a while before demanding to know how he is supposed to call some strangers and then hand over his kid? Finally someone has caught what has been obvious the whole day -- that this isn't just a grandson to Mark, but more like an actual child -- and Derek reminds Mark that Sloan is his kid, and he's not losing her. (Unfortunately.)

Cristina runs up to Teddy, working on a chart, and is too excited to see how glum her mentor really is as she asks if she saw Cristina in the OR that day. Teddy's past her limit and just responds by informing Cristina that she's an idiot. Cristina is so surprised she doesn't seem to get at first that Teddy is serious, but Teddy just asks if she really thinks that Evans will take her under his "award-winning wing." Teddy answers for her, that he won't because he doesn't and doesn't care about teaching because he's a rock star. Cristina still doesn't really get it -- she agrees that he's a rock star and thinks it's all fine, so finally Teddy points out how she lets Cristina hold her instruments during surgery in order to teach her, and that she'd be way faster doing it herself. She reminds Cristina that she didn't do a single thing during the surgery today, and when Cristina argues lamely that Evans was only there for a single surgery, Teddy realizes she's not going to ever get it and announces that Evans is there for her job, asking if she really didn't get it. She wishes her luck with her new attending and angrily storms off.

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