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Baby Fever

Arizona is in bed and when Callie gets in, Arizona turns away, her entire body radiating anger. Callie just scoots closer to her and spoons her, and after a moment says softly that her cousin's baby punched her in the face once and gave her a black eye, and who needs it? It's obviously taking all of her effort to get this out, and her voice cracks and she starts to cry a little bit as she goes on that babies cry and smell, and Arizona herself finally cracks. She turns to Callie and tells her, "Don't," and they begin to make out. I can't tell if they are going to reconcile or if this is the beginning of the end, though.

"Antibiotics to kill infections, narcotics to fight pain, scalpels and retractors to remove tumors and cancers -- to eradicate the threat." Mark is outside Sloan's room when Teddy walks up, and with more than a hint of desperation in her voice he begs her to tell him she's staying. He looks positively like a lost little kid. After a moment she tells him that she's staying, like she doesn't quite believe it herself, and she's obviously exhausted from the day and, I'm guessing, from her weird, yearned-for moment with Owen in the elevator. But the two lean up against the wall next to each other, and both say, "Okay," since at least for now it kind of is.

Richard catches Derek on his way out the door and happily says he heard that Derek gave Teddy the contract -- he then gives the opinion he held out on earlier, that it was the right thing to do and that showing loyalty like that is the sign of a great Chief. Derek just defensively asserts that he offered it to Evans first and Evans passed. He then turns and leaves, and Richard grits his teeth, seeming to realize that Derek still has a long way to go in his Chiefhood. Mere wraps up about all of the tools they have: "But, just the physical threat. For every other kind, you're on your own." And man, if our doctors have proved anything, it's that they aren't necessarily so good at handling these kinds of things on their own.

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