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Derek walks out and introduces Evans to Cristina, who fawns all over him, stuttering. Derek pretty accurately calls her a groupie but also tells him she's one of the best residents around, and she adds how honored she is to be scrubbing in. She can barely control her excitement and wriggles around like a puppy as she tells him she'll be following him all day if that's okay. Derek then introduces Meredith and when Evans makes a really lame joke Cristina laughs like he invented comedy, but he obviously loves the attention and is used to this kind of thing. She then leads him away and Derek gets a page and heads off as Avery and April walk up. They ask about Evans, and April says she overheard Derek talking about how Teddy's contract wasn't permanent, adding that it would be a genius move to offer the spot to Evans. Avery rolls his eyes and comments, "Here we go again," while Mere laughs and asks what. April tries to get him to shut up but he spills that she thinks Derek walks on water, and when she tries to defend that it's only personal and duh, because he's married to Mere and they're both so awesome, she only digs herself into a deeper hole. Meredith just looks at Avery, a little overloaded.

Derek has joined Mark and they're staring down at Baby Sloan; Mark asks if Derek can see the resemblance. He comments that it just looks like a newborn, so Mark goes for the most inappropriate and squicky move ever -- he unbuttons the baby's onesie to show off his goods as proof of his family heritage. Derek does make an impressed noise but points out that it's probably swollen from birth and will go down. Mark, however, is too proud and grins that he's definitely a Sloan.

In an on-call room, Alex is watching Lexie sleep next to him, with a face that says, "I'm confused and this is supposed to be easy and I might kind of like her and ew I hate myself." Both their pagers go off and they yelp at the news that a trauma helicopter is on the way, so Alex jumps up and as Lexie asks if he can hand her clothes over, he's already out the door, running away like he does best.

Teddy runs after Derek, who is excited that the helicopter is arriving and he gets to be an actual doctor for a little while. Teddy would rather get to the point, and -- she mentions Evans and then cuts off whatever Derek's response was going to be by bluntly asking if he's interviewing for her job. Apparently she was waiting to hear from Derek about a permanent contract, but he turns and furrows his brow at her as he thought she was looking elsewhere. Teddy admits that she stopped and apologizes, realizing now that she should have told him, but when he says he's happy to consider her for the position, she gets all ticked off at the idea of interviewing for her own job. Derek points out that he had to look for someone since he couldn't end up without a head of cardio, and while I don't like to agree with him on anything, it's totally fair that he would be searching for someone else as he's not a mind reader. She pretty quickly seems to realize this, or at least she realizes that being bitchy isn't going to get her very far, so she calmly tells him that she would like to be considered.

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