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Baby Fever

Mark finds Arizona in Sloan's room, where she and her baby are both asleep, and thanks her for her help. Sloan wakes up as Arizona tells him she was happy to do it, and when they go to her she asks for her bag. She then dumps it out on the bed and Mark is surprised to see that it's full of toys -- most of which are things like cars and Army men that look like tiny little choking hazards, which Arizona gently points out. Mark is all gushy that Sloan even thought to buy things for the baby and Sloan, in that unpleasant, defensive way she has, mumbles that the baby was going to need stuff and she was already at the store, even if the boy stuff isn't as good as the girl stuff. She adds that he'll be getting nicer things soon and hands Mark a paper that has the contact information of the adoptive parents, asking him to call them. Arizona can see that Mark clearly doesn't want to and offers to take care of it, but Mark says that he will.

Derek, Meredith, April and Avery are apparently all on the same case, and ride the elevator up to the helicopter pad to meet their patient. April excitedly reports that they were in a fishing boat accident and that one of them has a fish hook in him. Derek doesn't notice Meredith glaring at her, and he just asks why they would send someone just for a fish hook. Honestly, could he not guess where this might be going? As they run out, Avery pauses a moment to mock April's breathy, "Chief Shepherd" to Mere. Bailey is already up there and takes the son, Doug, who has a head laceration and some crush injuries -- always a good time. Then they wheel the dad, Walter, out, and report that he has a penetrating chest trauma. They pull back the blanket wrapped around him to find a giant hook the size of my head hooked all the way through his side -- not a surprise, DEREK -- but I will give the makeup team props here because as GA injuries go, this one was extra disgusting looking and made me flinch.

Cristina is watching Evans as he talks to his patient who can barely breathe -- all glossy charm as he tells her she'll be running after her grandkids in a week. Teddy has walked by and can't help but roll her eyes at the show, but when she tries to leave unnoticed she sneezes, and Cristina tries to get her to come in and join them. Maybe she's allergic to high levels of smarm? Much to Cristina's confusion, she won't join them.

As Derek and his underlings work on Walter and his giant hook, Owen and Teddy run in to join them and are told how something fell on Walter which made him fall on the hook. His son Doug then comes to the door, not looking in great shape himself with a cut on his head, and wants to know how his dad is doing despite the doctors all trying to get him to leave. He says he doesn't know what happened, but that he did it and he's sorry, and Lexie immediately assures him that it wasn't his fault. Walter has overheard, though, and is a wee bit cranky at having a giant hook through his abdomen; he yells that of course it's Doug's fault, because he let go of the rope which then threw Walter onto the shark hook. Lexie and Alex finally get Doug out of the room as the doctors clip a portion of the exposed hook off.

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