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Baby Fever

As Bailey, Alex and Lexie do some sort of procedure on Doug, Bailey muses about how awful it must be to live on a boat five months out of the year, working 20 hours a day. Lexie of course knows some stats on the subject and tells them that in 2007 crab fishing was the most dangerous job in the US, with a fatality rate 28 times higher than average. The other two docs look at her, but while Bailey is impressed Alex sneers and drops an insult about how it's like working with Forrest Gump. They then discuss the possibility of Doug having done it on purpose -- Alex thinks he did, while Bailey figures it was 70% accident, "30% attempted murder." Lexie is shocked but Bailey just figures, "Too much nature makes people crazy." The woman's not wrong -- I will always maintain that my Girl Scout troop was happier than any other troop in our town when we gave up camping and held sleepovers instead. Earning our makeup badges > sleeping in a leaky tent in the rain. Bailey then offers Lexie the chance to finish off the procedure, and Lexie is happily stunned. However, when she babbles that she's never done it before, Alex grabs the instruments and does it himself, griping at her to not overanalyze things and to instead just do them.

When Mark finds Arizona for their talk she asks if he called the parents, but he only says that Sloan is having second thoughts, not admitting that he fully helped plant those seeds. Arizona points out that Sloan picked the parents and was clear when she asked him to call them, but Mark argues that she's not clear now. Callie walks up as they bicker and only adds fuel to Arizona's fire when she thinks it's great news that Sloan might want to keep the baby. Callie pointedly tells her girlfriend that sometimes people change their minds, obviously thinking this could be like her own situation, but Arizona doesn't bite and instead insists that the baby needs parents and not a teen mother with a dad she just met. Mark yells at her to shut up, that while he appreciates her help he's got no real family left and she needs to give him a minute because he won't turn his grandson over if he has a chance at a family. The girls are both taken aback by how mad he is, and Arizona makes her own mad duck face again in return.

Doug is still upset about the whole situation and Lexie notes that he's got a rising fever, but Alex could care less, figuring it's nothing. Lexie asks Doug if he wants to see his dad before surgery but Doug is sure that he doesn't want to see his son after he's nearly killed him, and tells them his dad has always hated him. Lexie sits down to talk with him and tells a story about how when she was young she had heard that saccharine could kill people, so when she got really mad at her mom she almost put a bunch of Sweet and Low in her coffee. The music quickly goes from serious to quirky so that we know to laugh. I appreciate Lexie's effort but it probably was better kept to herself since it's not really in the same league, and Alex realizes this and one-ups her by telling Doug he once tried to run his dad over with the car, so trying to kill one's parent is normal. Doug is just sure that he's never going to be allowed near the boat again, and wonders where he is supposed to go now. He then complains of a headache and so Lexie pulls Alex aside to tell him they need to order some tests to figure out why he's got a fever. Alex doesn't care, though, because there's hook surgery to watch; he tells her to run the tests herself.

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