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Later, Teddy and Owen are scrubbing out when Derek comes to scrub in; Owen reports that Walter is stable and Teddy apologizes again. Derek, through with being the bigger person, just tells Teddy that if the job decision doesn't go her way, she shouldn't take it personally because she's great but Evans has published a lot of papers. He might as well just have given her a shove and told her not to let the door hit her on the way out, for how graceful that was. Owen takes offense on her behalf and asks if it counts for nothing that she earned a Bronze Star while serving her country, but Teddy just looks like she'd rather melt into the floor than have this going on around her. I adore Owen but he needs to learn not to jump in when his ladies are fighting their own battles -- this happened with Cristina earlier in the season. Derek doesn't reply, he just heads in to the OR and Owen watches Teddy as she slumps away.

Evans is doing his bloodless spinach hernia or whatever it is, and Cristina is watching and excitedly peppering him with questions. He happily explains it all and asks her if she's applied for her fellowships, which stuns her, and when she explains that she's only in her third year he smoothly says that he felt like he was working with a fellow. She beams and offers to cut his last suture, but he even does that himself. Cristina, however, is too delighted to really notice and gushes over his marvelous work. She then sees Teddy watching from the gallery and does a little happy dance as Teddy tries and fails to fake a smile in return. Cristina's too excited to pick up on that, though, either.

Mere and Alex are having a lunch break and comparing notes on their patients, and Alex reports that there isn't anything for him to do now and that Lexie is babysitting Doug. Cristina then comes up and excitedly asks if they saw Evans' surgery, causing Alex to point out that she's like a kid collecting trading cards, but with surgeons. She readily agrees that she has to have them all, and when Meredith reminds her that she said Teddy was the love of her life, Cristina admits that while she is, she loves Evans too. "I'm a cardiothoracic whore," she tells them unapologetically. Mere uses the subject of whores to segue to April fawning over Derek, and when she calls April an intern Alex corrects her, but this sparks a conversation about if Derek is into fawning interns. Mere points out that she was one herself, so obviously he is, but Cristina replies that it's not his thing anymore. Alex watches the girl talk and just laughs at them, smirking that he's sure Derek has grown out of girls who shave their legs, laugh at his jokes and call him Chief Shepherd. They try to scoff at him but are clearly starting to think he could be right, and Alex just points out that he's telling them how it works, and that guys in power like girls who adore them. (See: Evans and Cristina.) Meredith seems to finally be a little bit worried, and what do you want to bet she's off to find a razor?

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