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Callie and Mark are staring at the baby (who, let me point out, is SUPER CRAZY BEYOND cute, and whose cooing is causing my ovaries to ache) and as Callie comments on how delicious he is, Mark tells her he thinks he'll take a couple of weeks of paternity leave to help Sloan get the hang of things. When Callie points out very rightly that she's not sure that's enough time, Mark tells her that Sloan is a good kid with good instincts. Oh for the love -- has he MET her? He's clearly caught some of those postpartum hormones that are impairing his own judgment. Callie, realizing someone has to be the rational adult in this conversation, reminds him gently that her instincts told her to put the baby up for adoption, and both she and Mark sadly admit they don't really know what's right. Callie then mentions Arizona's dreams of Spain, and Mark asks if Arizona didn't have an idyllic childhood, as confused as Callie is at her decision. Callie is happy to have someone backing her up and adds that she talks to her parents every day, but then adds that part of that might be "the brother thing." When Mark asks what she means, something dawns on her and she replies, "Her brother died. And I'm an idiot." She walks off, and Mark goes back to being mesmerized by his grandson.

Owen gets on the elevator and finds a bereft Teddy who can only shake her head. He tells her gently that she has a cold and that it could have happened to anyone, but she points out that it happened to her, and on the day someone else was interviewing for her job. And though she was totally an idiot to forget to tell Derek she planned on staying after all, I feel for her here since every one of us has had this day where things need to go well and in fact everything goes terribly, horribly wrong. Fortunately for most of us, when things go wrong they don't usually involve us possibly accidentally killing someone, but still. Teddy goes on that she's the new girl, but the straw that breaks the camel's back is when she reports how much Cristina loves Evans. She starts to cry and then pathetically sneezes, and Owen pulls her into a hug as she starts to sob, his hands in her hair as he holds her. She pulls herself together pretty quickly but when she pulls back it's just far enough for them to rest their foreheads together, their mouths now within very easy accidental kissing range. Owen starts to get lost in the moment and brushes her cheek, but they are saved by the doors opening and their pagers blaring, and I thanked the TV gods out loud when the doors opened to an empty hallway. I had been holding my breath, worried that we were going to have the oh-so-overdone moment of a grinning Cristina waiting on the other side, but this way they just pull apart and Teddy bolts as soon as the doors are all the way open.

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