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"There's nothing else we can do for you." No, that's not what my doctor told me when the ghost sex made my brain explode. It's what, Mere explains, doctors never want to say; they will do everything in their power not to give up. Derek and Lexie are looking at scans of some horrible spinal tumor and Lexie explains to us that eight doctors have already said that it's inoperable. Derek can understand why, but tells Lexie they'll flip a coin to see if they try the surgery -- it's actually not as crazy as it sounds since he explains that once the coin is in the air he gets a gut feeling about where he wants it to land. I had this very situation when I had Jessica flip a coin for me to decide if I was going to get an iPhone. It's so very similar to trying to save a child's life from a vicious tumor. ...What? She flips the coin, but we don't see where it lands. You guys get three guesses as to what the end result is, and the first two don't count.

While Mere's VO drones on saying the same thing a million different ways, the actual Mere is frosting a very tall cake with the words "Yay Zola" written on it. Jackson is eating breakfast and making fun of her frosting penmanship while some random trashy girl rummages through the fridge. April storms in wondering who used all her deodorant and said girl -- wearing a corset top, like you do in a strange kitchen full of your hookup's coworkers first thing in the morning -- apologizes that she used it but saucily adds that she had a "workout" last night. Her "workout" partner Alex comes in, surprised she is still there, and she admits that she had to see cute little Zola. When she reaches for Zola's cheeks, Mere awesomely sweeps the baby away on account of them not knowing where Corset's hands have been. Mere leaves for a meeting with Owen while Alex propositions his friend for another quick "workout" before he heads to the hospital. April is squicked out and declares to Jackson that they have to move, though he's not immediately on board with the idea.

Callie, Arizona, Julia and Mark have become quite the little happy gang, and it's clear that Derek was right: everybody loves Julia. She gives Arizona a haircut that looks shockingly like her hair has been in every other episode but we're going with it being even sexier than usual and Callie can't wait to have Julia work her magic as well. Julia promises to do so tomorrow because she has to go to work and as she leaves, she kisses Mark and casually tells him, "Love you." Mark responds with the equally casual but not quite as romantic, "See ya." As soon as she leaves Callie and Arizona are quick to give Mark a hard time about how he gave the wrong response, and have no respect for his point that they've only been together three months and he thinks that is too early for Love Yous. Callie, rather than respecting this as valid, rolls her eyes and moans that this is "Classic Mark" -- he found out Lexie is single again and suddenly has cold feet. She reminds him how that ship sailed (and sank) and pretty much refuses to believe him when he says that this has nothing to do with Lexie. My opinion is that they both are kind of right: I think Mark thinks that this has nothing to do with Lexie while subconsciously, that's probably in play somewhere. When Arizona leaves Lexie can't help but pointedly tell her that she loves her, raising her eyebrows at an annoyed Mark.

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