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Party Foul

Mark is there with Julia and after some more stupid needling about the word "love" from Callie and Arizona, Julia leaves to refresh her drink. Mark tells them seriously that this is enough, but they laugh him off and tell him he's being silly. It's rather horribly patronizing and I'm glad Mark stands his ground. He points out that they are the ones that love Julia so much, but he's not at the "I love you" stage yet. He's happy and he's glad they all adore Julia but after rushing things with Addison and trying to force Lexie to be a grandmother, he's all about taking his time now. Callie is shocked and comments, "Wow, that is so adult!" Of course, then she laughs, because Mark trying to grow up a little is suuuper hilarious.

Owen walks in to the house and the first thing he sees is Cristina, with Zola in her lap, telling her in a baby voice all about the surgery she did today. Between the mention of the surgery and the sight of Cristina being loving with a baby, Owen's last shreds of self-control and dignity pretty much fall away.

Lexie is sitting by herself in the entryway, having a beer and being sad. Derek sits down next to her and points out that these cases aren't called "lost causes" because they are fun. She insists she doesn't need fun, but needs them to not be like today was. Derek then pulls out a coin and goes to flip it to decide if she keeps doing lost causes or not but she grabs the coin and tells him, exasperated, that of course she's still in. Derek then convinces her to come back and join the party.

In the kitchen, Owen pours himself a scotch. In my apartment, I pour myself a glass of wine to get through these next couple of scenes. Cristina walks in and tells him she knows he's mad and she's sorry, but Owen just snips back is she sorry because she did it or just sorry he is mad? She slumps, obviously not wanting to have this conversation for the umpteenth time. Owen, showing that he's not in the most rational discussion-having place himself, throws at Cristina that Teddy never came to find him after the surgery, and Cristina just tells him she was tired. He is so fired up, he just won't accept that Teddy is going to ignore him for a good long time, and while a lot of things going on between them are Cristina's fault, that isn't one of them. He thinks a moment, and then figures out what will do the most immediate damage: he informs Cristina that he's taking her off of Teddy's service permanently and gloats that he's not sure what Teddy will do without her as a security blanket. It's hard, because Cristina is super frustrating and not generally at (or near) her best with Owen lately, but this is all just coming off as a reaction to being the husband scorned. Cristina declares, "Absolutely not," but he just merrily keeps going on about it. Cristina interrupts him and asks if he heard her, and he replies that he thinks she should thank him because he could have fired them both. Thinking he just threw down a comeback like no other, he tries to walk away but Cristina yells at him that he has no idea what's going on. He claims to have a good idea but Cristina yells at him that he let her operate on Teddy's husband, now Henry is dead, and so Teddy will get whatever she wants from Cristina. "Understand? Anything she wants from me. Ever."

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