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Party Foul

In the far lighter atmosphere of the living room, Richard walks up to Mere and tells her he's happy to hear that she is declaring general as her specialty. I'm not sure when during the day that happened but regardless, she says she's not sure about it anymore. Richard is surprised and again repeats how much sense it makes but Mere cuts him off and says she knows, her mom was amazing, and that's all anyone ever talks about is the legacy. She admits to Richard that she doesn't want to be anything like her mom. His face immediately goes serious and he reminds her of what she did just today: throwing a party for Zola, helping him in the OR, and then giving him a celebration too. "You don't have to ever worry about being anything like your mother." Mere chews on this as Richard reminds her that he knew Ellis, and repeats adamantly that Mere is nothing like her. That said, he adds, "You have a gift. Don't waste it." She thinks about it, but I believe, ladies and gents, that our show's namesake finally has a new specialization.

Owen tells Cristina that it was an impossible situation and she agrees, but reminds him that it was his call to put Henry on her table and then make her lie to Teddy about it. "You want to be Chief? These are the consequences." Worse for Owen, as much as Cristina can be selfish and aggravating, this is the truth and he isn't ready to absorb that. Instead, he yells at her that she's not allowed to talk about consequences since she can't even accept simple punishment. She's appalled that he thinks he's allowed to punish her and yells that it's not her fault Teddy hates him, so he's not to take his guilt out on her. He yells that he has nothing to be guilty about, and that this and everything else in their lives is all about her and what she wants. He's not wrong... but this also isn't a new personality twist.

Mere's VO asks, when do you throw in the towel? Zola has cake all over her face and is delighted about it as Bailey asks Richard if he remembers his first surgery. He does, and he starts to reminisce, but when everyone quiets down to hear the story, they can hear the very loud yelling coming from the kitchen. Mere goes in to try and quiet them down as she VO's that there comes a point when it all becomes too much.

Owen's self-control is gone. He screams that Cristina doesn't care who gets hurt, and when she comes back that it was just one surgery, he blows it up and tells him that he's talking about every single choice she has made. He admits angrily that this isn't the life he imagined for himself. Her face goes stony as she realizes where this is going, which is a place she thought they had left behind them. She can't believe it's come back to that again, and Owen grins at her, a sad, absolutely crazed, angry grin when he realizes she thought he'd never bring it up again. She yells, tears in her eyes, that it was a horrible situation but it's over, and is it too much to ask to try and forget it? With acid in his voice, Owen yells at her, "You killed our baby! You don't ever forget that." Mere has walked to the doorway just in time to see this exchange, and the entire party outside has heard it. My notes contained the word "horrified" about five different times because that's the best way to describe everyone's face, including Cristina's. Mere finishes up her VO telling us that that the real work begins when you try to find hope where it seems there isn't any at all.

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