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Party Foul

Webber arrives at the hospital in a rather jolly mood and when Bailey sees him, she congratulates him on his big day. He agrees, but tells her that he doesn't want people making a big deal. When she assures him blandly that they won't, his bluff is called and he backtracks, reminding her that they should do at least something since one's 10,000th surgery is quite an impressive milestone. He very obviously wants every bell and whistle that Seattle Grace can provide and Bailey drily lists them all out, barely pausing for breath: there will be a party in the main conference room with a hospital photographer and a cake (his favorite, red velvet), a toast with sparkling cider, and a banner with three exclamation points after the word "Congratulations." When she mentions confetti, however, he decides that's where he draws the line... lest it get in the cake. He rather hilariously glares at her as he warns her of this digestive point and it's obvious he's on cloud nine with this Celebration of Richard.

Mere finds Owen with all of his crap spread out over a table in the break room. Seriously, one of my biggest pet peeves this season is his "no office" stunt because every time we see he's at some random table with his computer and piles of papers spread out all around him. This, in fact, is the perfect illustration of just how much he needs an office and because he insists he doesn't, he just takes up other public spaces as part of fooling himself about it. It's stupid and unnecessary and I'm finding Owen rather annoying in general this season and I hate it. If he'd just use his stupid office that would be a good step in the right decision but this is just oblivious and kind of selfish. Though... that describes more than just his office decisions lately. But we'll get there soon enough. Right now he's called Mere in for a meeting to remind her that she hasn't yet chosen a specialty, and the clock is ticking. Mere's kind of anxious to be reminded of this -- it's clearly been on her mind. Owen then reminds her that she "ditched" neuro and wasted time in OB. I'll agree with the latter but as to the former, does everyone really think that? In this hospital where everyone knows everyone else's business, did it somehow manage to stay secret that Derek made her quitting neuro a condition of their marriage? I mean, in real life I can see this staying between husband and wife, but this is Seattle Grace. He then tells her she's drowning, presumably not knowing how that's a rather strong word for her since she almost did that literally one time. He thinks she should declare general since she's been working with Bailey and has Richard as a mentor, not to mention her mom being just about the best general surgeon ever. When he tells her that the legacy could make it a natural fit, she gives him the stinkeye before walking out.

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