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The River: A show I'll never be watching.

Mere finds Bailey and tells her that she has to declare a specialty, and of course Bailey suggests that general would be great and she'd be a, "Mini Ellis Grey." Mere hems and haws a little bit but Bailey cuts her off and warns her not to be an idiot, since it is in her genes and makes perfect sense. We can all, from a million miles away, see what Meredith's main issue with this is, right? Why is no one even pausing to consider the horrific mother-daughter non-relationship that Mere and Ellis had?

Meredith is spared the rest of the conversation because they walk in to a room where Richard is already with the day's patients, two sisters, one of whom is giving the other a piece of her liver. Kind of surprisingly, no one ever brings up the fact that Meredith has in fact been half of this surgery once herself. Nia Vardalos (of My Big Fat Greek Wedding) is the yellowish-grey-tinged sister who needs a new liver and Peri Gilpin (now and forever, Roz from Frazier to me) is the one who is giving it to her. As soon as Mere and Bailey walk in, Roz starts complaining, worried that her IV might be infected. You can tell right off the bat she's annoying but I will give her that having an IV in the back of your hand really, really hurts, to the point where I kept sweet-talking nurses to give me mine in the crook of my elbows until one day one of them realized I'd just kept switching arms and absolutely was not allowed to have one in the same spot anymore. But she's complaining about how she doesn't want to die of staph and Nia has to weakly remind her that Roz is not the sister in actual liver failure. Roz turns to the doctors and puts on an overly-heartfelt voice as she tells them that she was supposed to be in Hawaii with her family but when your sister calls and asks you to save her life, "You take that call." None of them were born yesterday and can all see that she's a drama queen, and Nia is pretty exhausted by it all as she assures Roz for what sounds like the umpteenth time that she'll reimburse her for the trip. Roz continues to needle her that she hopes she doesn't die; when Nia forces a smile and thanks her, Roz tells her she's welcome like she's a benevolent overlord giving the peasants some extra bread and celebrating herself for her generosity.

Wes is talking to Derek and Lexie all about various battlefields -- this kid and my dad would get along famously. Derek is checking his reflexes but Wes barely pays attention because he is too excited to tell them all about of the ones he has visited, adding that his mom says he got this from his dad, who died when he was two. His mom home schools him on account of his "back pain" and so this gives them the chance to travel to various battlefields all the time, which Wes loves. He tells them that next week they are scheduled to go to Pearl Harbor but his mom cuts in to say they might have to postpone it because Derek might be able to fix Wes' back after all. He is super excited at the idea of having no more back pain, while Lexie struggles to hold her smile since she knows the truth of the situation and it's kind of heartbreaking.

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