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Party Foul

Cristina is tossing out specialty ideas to Mere, but she's not interested in any of them. Cristina's not super invested in the conversation, to be honest, and just orders Mere to pick one because, "This is important." Mere doesn't point out that the importance is why she can't just pick out of a hat, which Cristina seems too consumed with her own business to fully realize today. Alex comes over and brags that Fence Guy's heart is the size of a football, which riles Cristina to no end.

She and Teddy then start spying on Alex and McQueen from behind a computer monitor and hatch a plan, though Teddy tells Cristina she doesn't have to do it. Cristina can't think past anything other than the rush of a heart the size of a football and once the guys leave, Cristina goes to the patient's room to talk to Mrs. Fence Guy.

Mrs. F.G. is understandably upset, and Cristina puts on her most Concerned Doctor Voice as she assures her that the doctors are doing everything they can to help her husband. Mrs. F.G. cries, frightened, as she thanks Cristina but the tears don't have the full effect that they might since upbeat music is playing in the background. With that soundtrack behind her, Cristina gets to work, casually saying that Dr. Altman is the best and will do everything she can. Of course, Mrs. F.G. hasn't heard Altman's name, and starts to worry when Cristina backtracks and tells her that her doctor, Dr. McQueen is "fine." Cristina lays it on thick that Teddy just happens to be the head of the department, and amazing, and she's sure she's just busy saving other lives. Of course we know that Mrs. F.G. is now going to turn around and request Teddy by name.

Roz is on the phone with one of her kids, wistfully telling Nia that they just swam with dolphins, but then pointedly tells her child that she has to go save Aunt Nia's life now. Nia is fed up and promises that after this is over, she'll never ask Roz for a single favor again. Roz gets all offended and demands to know what she means, and despite Mere trying to distract them Nia yells that Roz is going to hold this over her for the rest of her life, just like everything else. Nia's not doing so well, heaving breaths each time she yells, but she won't be stopped. Roz yells at her that she lined up jobs for Nia that Nia lost and never asked for anything in return, but Nia points out that Roz in fact wants lifelong ass-kissing in return. She then declares that it's off, she can keep her liver, Roz also has the husband and kids and she has won the invisible race they have going on. She starts to gag and Mere rushes to her side, but Roz snottily informs Mere that whenever Roz wins a fight, Nia suddenly doesn't feel good. Roz doesn't take it well when Nia reminds her again that she in in liver failure; as Roz is ranting about her sister being a drama queen, Nia decides to really up the ante and starts vomiting up chunks of blood while Mere yells for help. It's true, this is a very effective way to win an argument, though maybe not the easiest way to go about it.

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