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Party Foul

Once Richard and Bailey join Mere and Nia is done puking they explain that this was a symptom of end stage liver failure; the good thing is that the surgery is imminent, and Bailey orders her to relax until then. Nia maintains what she said earlier, that she doesn't want the surgery and just wants to go back on the transplant list, but by the time one is barfing up blood like she did it's too late and she can't wait. Roz spits at her not to be stupid but Mere shuts her right up, and Nia finally, reluctantly agrees. Roz really is a piece of work, reminding Nia that she's put the family through hell. She then calls her own family to report that Nia will go through with the surgery after all. When... did she have time to call them and tell them this was in doubt? I think it's just yet another point she's trying to make. And hey, we don't know what, if anything, Nia has done to the family but I would think the poor woman gets a pass for a little while at least until all of her organs are functioning correctly again. I assume, though, that Roz has just always been an overbearing, selfish pain in the ass. Nia just looks exhausted, as much from her sister as from her failing liver.

After finishing a scan on Wes, Lexie helps him get back in his wheelchair and as she does, he asks if the tumor grew any more. Bum bum BUUUUM. She carefully asks what he meant and he explains that he knows exactly what's going on with him since he overheard some doctors talking. At last! It is proven that hospitals are not sound vortexes! He hasn't admitted to his mom that he knows, though, because he sees her crying and sad all the time and is convinced that the only thing that makes her happy is to think that he has no idea. He begs Lexie not to tell her, adding that he's happy if his mom is happy. Lexie promises, though reluctantly. He then asks if he's going to die and she kneels down to his level to give herself time to form the most diplomatic answer possible. Very carefully, she says that she's worked with Derek for a while now and that Wes couldn't have a better doctor, because he's the best. That seems to satisfy him and he grins.

April is going through apartment listings and telling Jackson what she's found, but he still seems a little bit unsure about the idea. April points out that Meredith and Derek now have a baby and Jackson is living in the same house as his ex are two very valid reasons to move out. Alex overhears and wants to move too since Zola is "killing his game" -- all the girls that come over suddenly want babies when they see her. Well... yes. My ovaries squeal each time that little face gets on camera, so I can't argue that point. But April is adamantly against it and Jackson wants to live with April because she cooks and cleans. Oh, boys. So predictable. Mere comes in to raid the fridge for some widow casseroles for the party, since she won't have time to get food. Convenient, and only a little disturbing, that. Cristina assures her that Teddy won't care, and then turns her attention to Alex who she mocks for losing Fence Guy to them. The subject of Mere's specialty comes up again and April adds her voice to the legions of people who have already suggested doing general, just like her mom. Avery, however, totally gets it and pipes up that you can't win when you've got a name that's a legacy.

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