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Party Foul

Back in the dumbest storyline of the week, April and Callie are clearly scheming as they sneak up on Mark and then Callie puts on a deep voice and pretends to be him so that he can pretend to be Julia. She then tells him it's been a great few months, and I love you. Mark is decidedly not amused, which seems to surprise them because this week we are pretending that these two are massive airheads. They list all of Julia's awesomely wonderful qualities and add that the four of them could buy houses next door to each other and vacation together. Teddy walks up and innocently asks what's going on with Julia, and Mark just sighs and leaves. Teddy seems uncomfortable but resigned to this situation and asks if he left because of her. Now, in this particular case, I think Mark left because he couldn't handle talking about Julia anymore and actually not at all because of Teddy's delicate emotional situation. But Arizona and Callie sound super fake and over-sweet as they assure her it had nothing to do with her, and just sort of freak out Teddy who probably now thinks that's totally a lie and she's making people uncomfortable, or that these two are off their rockers. Or both.

Richard is about to start his surgery and a ton of folks are holding up cameras to get a snap of him as he starts. April tells him to smile and he acts all put out and like he wants to get on with it, but you know behind the mask he's loving it, especially when everyone applauds him. He then sends everyone out so he can get to work, but his pager goes off. Since he's got his hands full, he sends April to the lobby to take care of whatever it is.

Cristina is in scrubs, obviously ready for surgery, when she sees Owen and tries to sneak past him. He sees her and reminds her of her ordered nap, but she tells him a bald-faced lie, that she's off to go observe Derek's neuro procedure. And he actually believes her. I love these two, and I have loved them forever, but I do think it wouldn't hurt if they would both try communicating and doing so honestly. And Owen could just get himself an office, already. He does ask Cristina if she's really not mad for his pulling the fence surgery away from her and she tactfully replies that she didn't say that. He then wants to talk about Teddy and how he might be able to help them get past everything. Cristina tells him frankly that her husband is dead, she's taking it out on Owen, and he has to just deal with it. She cuts off any other wistful what-if-ing on his part and he finally admits he needs to just try and talk to Teddy directly. They then agree they'll see each other later at the party.

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