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Party Foul

Fence Guy is in the ICU hooked up to a respirator when Cristina comes by to check on him, and she tells Mrs. F.G. that she'll stay the night to check on him. Teddy walks in then and says she will do it instead, and Mrs. F.G. is thrilled and very touched that the head of the department will do that. Cristina offers to join but Teddy reminds her that she is Zola's godmother and has to go to her party. She admits that she's just going to hang out, eat widow casserole, and feel sorry for herself. She finally manages to shoo Cristina out the door.

Things are awfully festive at the house -- it's full of guests, balloons are hung, and the party girl is in a super cute pink party dress and being cooed over by everyone. Mere is happy to see that Richard made it and when she walks over he explains that Adele insisted he didn't miss it. He left her with the night nurse and she was already asleep when he left. He then holds up a gift for the birthday girl.

As Alex shovels some widow casserole on a plate, April walks by and casually mentions that she needs $800 from him. Alex mocks her about groceries but she tells him it's for a security deposit and they'll lose out on the apartment if they don't get money to the guy today. What, isn't it like 8 PM at this point? I'd worry about the landlord demanding cash late in the evening. Alex can't believe it and April starts talking about how gross a person he is but Jackson runs up and cuts her off, saying they both would be happy if Alex would be their roommate. Alex tells them, "Cool," and then wanders off, and Jackson asks April for confirmation that they couldn't afford the place, just the two of them. April reminds him that they will have hardwood floors and a washer/dryer, and she wants what she wants. Girlfriend, as I live in the first apartment I have ever had with a washer/dryer I say, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO. It will change your life.

In the kitchen, Derek is holding Zola and he and Mere are looking at the cake, Mere asks for confirmation that she'll forgive them one day. She must mean Zola, since Derek points out that she won't remember. They take a family self-portrait during which Zola scrunches her nose up and babbles, and my heart melts and leaks out my pores. Mere then scrapes Zola's name off of the cake, leaving just the "Yay" and takes it to the living room, where she presents it to Richard as congratulations for his 10,000th surgery. He's shocked but they insist that this is special and needs to be celebrated. Richard happily blows out the candle, and all the docs we know and a bunch of extras we've never seen before look on proudly and applaud him.

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