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Party Foul

Cristina and Teddy are walking down the hall and Cristina is fawning over how amazing Teddy was in their last surgery. Their conversation is interrupted by two nurses who walk up, somber-faced, and hand over casserole dishes while telling Teddy in low, sad, voices how sorry they are. She thanks them sincerely and tells them that it means a lot but once they leave, vents her frustration at the practice of giving a bereaved person a ton of food, or, rather, "widow casserole." Is that term a thing that I am just very lucky to have never heard since I have not been in many of these situations? Or was that made up for this episode? Either way, I rather love it. Cristina takes them as she offers to put these with the others. Owen gets off the elevator and sees them, so he runs up happily asking how the surgery went. In response, Teddy tells Cristina she'll see her in the pit and runs off. Owen is upset that Teddy is still mad at him and Cristina just makes polite excuses about Teddy being busy. She then brags about their surgery while Owen tries to pinpoint how much sleep, if any, Cristina has had lately. The answer is, almost nothing since she's done eight surgeries in 72 hours. "Teddy's boundless grief is one of the best things that's ever happened to me!" He gets a page and she immediately perks up at the idea that it might be a trauma case; when he refuses to tell her what it is she realizes she's right and runs off as Owen tries to yell at her to go home and get some sleep.

He's in for a fight, though, because a cardiac surgeon's dream has just been brought in: a guy with a long piece of wrought-iron fence sticking straight through his chest. They say he ran his bike into the fence and I really hope they mean motorcycle because I'm not sure how a street cyclist would have managed this. Alex and the almost never-seen-nor-referenced Dr. McQueen have got him, but Teddy and Cristina want him and argue about how they are better suited to the job. Owen tries to break it up and orders that it should go to the guys because Cristina needs rest and this is supposed to be Teddy's day off. Teddy is doing an ultrasound and ignores Owen pointedly while Cristina tries to argue for them. Owen replies that she's a liability since she's been up for 48 hours and then yells, "Hands off!" at Teddy. Teddy finally sighs, hands over the ultrasound, and walks out while Cristina glares at her husband.

Derek and Lexie are in the hall, talking to their patient's mother while the kid, Wes, is in the room in bed. Wes has a neuroblastoma that's usually found in younger kids, and trying to take it out would come with a huge risk of paralysis. The mom, Mrs. Connors, is well aware of this since Derek is in fact the ninth surgeon they have seen, and she lists all of the dire warnings about how crazy dangerous the surgery is. Her point is that Wes will die in three months if he doesn't have the surgery, so why not try? After warning her that there is only a 5% chance of success, Derek finally tells her that he's willing to try, and she grabs him into a fierce hug. But when Derek wants to go tell Wes, Mrs. C stops him and admits that Wes doesn't actually know he has a tumor nor that he's about to die. Derek asks why he thinks he's here and as dramatic music swells, Mrs. C admits that he thinks he's there for a backache. Unsurprisingly, Derek and Lexie are slightly aghast to hear this.

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