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April heads downstairs and tries to tell the nurse that Richard is in surgery but the nurse directs her across the room where Adele is waiting with another woman. April is immediately worried and it's not made better when she walks over and Adele immediately starts demanding to know where Richard is. The woman is their next-door neighbor and explains that she found Adele trying to walk to the hospital from their home, seven miles away. Adele is incredibly agitated but April begs her to wait for one moment and then pulls the neighbor aside to talk to her. The camera is pulled off Adele, much like April's sight, as she asks if the neighbor will stay with her for a few moments while April talks to Richard. The neighbor agrees to try, and April offers her office as a spot to wait. But when they turn around, they find that Adele has already disappeared again, and April starts to freak out.

She finds Adele in Richard's old office, now Owen's almost-empty not-office. I'd point out the stupidity of wasting this space once again but I think you all know my irrationally strong feelings about this quite well now. Adele is totally confused and gets very upset thinking that Richard has gone and left her. April desperately tries to assure her that Richard is just in surgery but Adele can't seem to stop crying that Richard always wanted to leave her, and never loved her because he loved Ellis instead. April is at a loss and begs Adele to try and calm down as Adele sobs that she can't do it alone, and begs the Richard in her mind not to leave her. It's awful.

Bailey and Mere are working together to take a piece of Roz's liver and it's really kind of disgusting how it looks like they are just searing off a corner of a raw steak. Bailey compliments Meredith's technique by saying she has her mom's hands and Mere is quick to tell her that she hasn't declared anything yet. Bailey asks what else she's going to do and then muses about how awesome it is to be good at everything, rather than just focus on one measly little organ. She then finally frees a corner of the liver and puts it on ice so that Mere can take it to Richard.

Lex goes to Wes' room to tell them that it's time. Mrs. Connors faces her son and starts to cry even before she starts to talk, assuring him that he's going to be okay and the doctors will take good care of him. I'm actually glad he knows what is really going on because I think if he didn't, this would freak him out. He assures his mom that he'll be okay and parrots what Lexie told him: Derek is the best. They hug, while Lexie watches and silently wills someone to admit that everyone knows what Wes really has.

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