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Party Foul

Owen finds Teddy working on a computer and tries to strike up a conversation but she has no interest in talking. Instead of gently working his way back into her good graces, Owen gets mad and tells her that this has gone on too long, and that he thinks he understands why (or at least wants to) but that they have to talk about it. Teddy insists it's not a good time and tries to go, so he reaches out and grabs her arm. It's the wrong move -- she turns on him as if his touch burned her and yells sharply, "Don't!" before fleeing. I know this is Owen's best friend and it has to be awful for him but I always thought he'd have a better understanding of people to know that this is something that just needs time. I suspect, though, that the stress of being chief, and Henry's death, and his not-totally-idyllic marriage is starting to pile up and it's not leaving a lot of room for deep emotional understanding.

Derek and Lexie start Wes' surgery and are disappointed to see that the tumor is even worse than they had thought from the scans. He has Lexie tell him how they should start and then walk him through the procedure step-by-step. She's unsure and asks some questions but he just makes her decide for herself and tell him how she would proceed. However, when she gives him her opinion, he doesn't respond.

Richard is working with Meredith when April brings Adele to the gallery. It might have been a good idea had she not been so fixated on the memory of Ellis; when she sees Meredith she mistakes her for her mom and begins yelling that she needs to leave, and Richard is her husband, not Ellis'. At a loss, April turns on the intercom so that they can talk to Richard, and he's shocked to look up and see his wife. His shock turns to dismay when he realizes she's having an emotional meltdown. He tells April to leave the intercom on and tries to talk to Adele, but she just continues screaming at "Ellis" to get out. Mere offers to scrub out but Richard needs her help and, already exhausted, he calls up to Adele an assurance that he isn't leaving her. Mere then quietly suggests that he bring up a happy memory to try and ground Adele, which is something that worked for her mom. As Adele sobs uncontrollably Richard thinks a moment and then begins singing "My Funny Valentine" while she begs him to come home to her. April can barely watch, it's so heartbreaking, but finally after a few moments Adele realizes what is going on and eventually, she starts to sing along. A smile breaks out on her face as she transforms into a giggly, wide-eyed girl. The two of them sing together and while Adele is still crying, she seems happy. She then takes over and sings the rest of the song herself, finally clamming down. Richard reminds her sweetly that that was the song they first danced to at their wedding, and how beautiful she was. She giggles and adds that it's because they are getting married on Valentine's Day. She's off in another time, but she's happy and in love. Richard tells her that he loves her and then turns to Meredith and quietly asks her to tell Bailey to cancel the party. Upstairs, April puts her hands on Adele's shoulders as she looks around, still kind of confused at her surroundings.

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