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The Elephant in the Room
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"The skin is the largest organ in the body. It protects us, holds us together, literally lets us know what we are feeling." After Mere ushers us into this week's theme -- do you think it will be about having thick skin and all sorts of different feelings? I have no idea, it's all so subtle. Bailey is teaching some sort of class to a very bored group of doctors. Hey! Charles and Reed are still doctors in this hospital. Who knew? No one watching the last few episodes, that's for sure. No one knows why they are there so Bailey explains, rather distracted, that Chief Shepherd thought they could use some brushing up on their patient sensitivity skills and this morning just so happened to be a good time. "Besides, half of you were raised by wolves," she adds, not understating the lack of manners generally displayed at Seattle Grace Mercy West. She tells them to keep their faces impassive no matter a patient's appearance or results and to not make jokes either in front of the patient or in private. Cristina, of course, tries to make a joke and Bailey is decidedly not amused.

Derek and Richard, meanwhile, are discussing an incoming and seemingly difficult patient in really vague terms, all the better to shock us when said patient arrives. They refer to his possibly not being able to fit in a regular elevator but Richard just tells Derek that they will have to figure it out as they go as the patient is five minutes away. Derek doesn't respond, though -- he's distracted by Gary Clark glowering at him as he walks through the hospital, and everything goes slow-mo as Mere continues her VO: "The skin can be soft and vulnerable, highly sensitive, easy to break." Richard recognizes him and Derek mumbles that he's filed a wrongful death suit against the hospital and Derek's deposition is that day. A woman comes up who Derek assumes is a drug rep and he tries to brush her off, but it turns out she is his attorney, Lauren. Hey, I like this woman already! Richard tells Derek he'll handle the mystery patient who might not fit in an elevator.

Bailey tells the class about the importance of observation and listening to a patient. No one is taking it at all seriously, and there's a whole lot of mocking and joking as Bailey then goes through the importance of communication. She's clearly rushing through everything and gets a little bit frantic, so Reed asks her what's up -- today is the day that people actually notice these kinds of things which in the past are sometimes treated like they are incredibly subtle movements that only we the viewing audience are savvy enough to pick up on. Bailey admits as if it's totally unrelated that there just happens to be a patient who could use some extra sensitivity arriving in a few moments. She then reminds them again of "Reaction, Observation and Communication," adding that if they use these three things they will "ROC" their patient's world, and then runs out with the others filing out behind her.

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