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The Elephant in the Room

Owen and Meredith are on their way to Cristina, and Owen clearly thinks that he's about to face a firing squad and accuses Meredith of telling her. Mere angrily whispers that she didn't say anything, and Owen walks in to find Cristina sitting on the bed like a miserable statue. He asks what it is, not quite as gently as maybe he should, but proving that he thinks he's about to have a showdown. Cristina just gets up though, and puts her arms around his neck and begins to sob that she misses her dad. He just holds her and rubs her back while she cries.

Bobby is out of surgery and Melissa is standing with him as Richard warns him that while he survived he's not out of the woods as they need to watch for infections, and adds that he needs to make some serious lifestyle changes. He tells the docs that he knows, and when Bailey tells him he has to do it if he wants to survive, he looks up happily at his wife and then says that he has no choice. He then looks to Alex and asks, "Right?" Alex nods, but as Melissa turns and looks at him her face goes from a smile to a glare. Fortunately Alex doesn't have the pathological need for people to like him, and since he did the right thing by Bobby it doesn't seem to bother him much. Derek walks up to the window and sees them inside, and when Richard turns and notices him, Derek's somber face causes Richard's face to go serious, like he's a little kid who's been caught doing something bad. It's really odd.

Mere walks up to Derek and asks him how it went, and Derek petulantly won't reply so Meredith assures him he can talk to her, and he pouts that he doesn't want to think about what he can and can't say and to who just then. She sighs, realizing she's not going to work him out of this mood just yet, and asks if he knows that she loves him? He does, but he just kisses her on the cheek and leaves, the tortured hero. Mere heaves another big sigh -- man, if you'd been playing a "heaved-a-put-upon-sigh" drinking game during this episode you'd be passed out on the floor at this point.

Voiceover time: "No matter how thick-skinned we try to be..." Alex looks at his divorce papers while I lament having no champagne chilled and ready to celebrate the official end to her wretched tenure on this show. Lexie comes up and asks about the weight pool, and when she finds out that Bailey was the winner (678 lbs) she starts to pitch and indignant fit about the utter hypocrisy. Alex tosses the signed papers into the outgoing mail and then reaches over and gives Lexie a long, awesome kiss, which stuns her into silence. She's confused but incredibly pleased and Mere continues, "There's millions of electrified nerve endings in there." Alex asks her if she's going home and she manages a nod, so he asks if she wants to go together and they walk out hand in hand. So it looks like he's going to listen to Mere and try making this a Thing, at least for now.

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