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The Elephant in the Room

"Open and exposed. And feeling way too much." On to far less happy couples, Callie comes home with what appears to be the weight of the world on her shoulders. Arizona doesn't notice because she's too excited about planning a trip to Fiji for the two of them, and she babbles excitedly about plans until sits down right in front of her and shows her the phone number on her palm. VO: "Try as we might to keep from feeling pain..." Callie explains to Arizona that it's the phone number of a cute girl, and while she has no plans to use it, she can't help wondering if that girl wants a baby one day. It's Arizona's turn to sigh, and her smile has completely vanished. Callie starts to cry as she tells Arizona how much she loves her but that she needs this one thing, yet she can't and doesn't want to ask Arizona to change for her to give her that thing. Arizona sounds a little choked up herself as she tells Callie she can't be the one to keep her from having a baby. Both are sad and Callie is rather desperate and starting to panic -- when Arizona says that they can keep going Callie interrupts to wail that she doesn't know where they are going, and Arizona puts aside the computer and pulls her onto the sofa and into a long kiss. Mere VO's, "...sometimes it's just unavoidable. Sometimes, that's the only thing left." Callie asks what they are going to do and Arizona quietly says she's going to get her stuff together, and when Callie starts to cry she says that they will see each other at work. Callie cries that she's sorry and loves her, and Arizona struggles to not start crying herself as she tells Callie she loves her too.

We then see a shot of a golf ball getting hit off a tee, and then see that Mark and Derek are on the helicopter pad hitting balls. Derek tells him this was a good idea and Mark just orders that there is no talking. I assume they are hitting them into the sound, but what happens if they shank it, like Derek does and Mark totally points out? Derek only reminds Mark that there's no talking. Mere finishes: "Just feeling." Derek and Mark both hit shots and stand in their golf stances watching as the balls soar away, while behind them the elevators go up and down the Space Needle. That must be a pretty entertaining shot for anyone there, to look over and see two doctors potentially grievously injuring passerby below as they try to release their own stress.

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