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The Elephant in the Room

Callie has been pulled away from Hottie Bicyclist long enough to diagnose Bobby with a fractured ankle, which causes some issues with the docs outside because he should have a CT, but Derek points out that he's too big and would probably break the machine. Charles has the enterprising idea to see if the zoo has a CT for rhinos, but that gets him kicked off the case despite the fact that he meant it as a legitimate suggestion. Dude, it was probably the rhinoceros comparison that didn't quite jibe with the morning's teachings. Owen thinks it's actually not a bad idea, but Richard puts his foot down at treating Bobby like a zoo animal and says they'll do it with good old-fashioned labs and tests. Teddy muses that she wishes she could get him on a treadmill and Owen scoffs at her that that's never going to happen, and Serious Derek watches them closely during this exchange. He has to leave to go meet with his lawyer but tells them that he wants a meeting with all of their results before they continue any treatment.

They all clear out, and Teddy gives Hunt a weird look probably on account of his obvious attitude. Lexie and Alex join Bailey who is asking Melissa questions about Bobby's health history, and Melissa tells them that Bobby put on the weight in the last few years -- five years previously, he was laid off along with a few hundred others from his company, and after two years of job searching he just gave up and food made him feel better. We see a shot of Bobby in bed and unguarded, it's clear from his face that he's totally blue, despite his joking and generally sunny attitude the rest of the time. She knew he was having stomach pains and she couldn't ignore it after the news that she was pregnant. Even more so than with Bobby himself, this would be the time to remain impassive but Lexie can't seem to control herself and blurts out, "How??" She then tries to change this into a compliment but can barely get a word out on account of her embarrassment and Bailey mouths to her that she's off the case. Melissa is totally uncomfortable, quite understandably, and Bailey just pats her hand as Lexie hands over the chart with her head hung low and leaves. Unlike the others, at least she seems ashamed of herself -- she usually does seem to be the only one with that ability at all among the rest of the barbarians that work there.

On his way to his lawyer meeting Derek runs into Mere and asks her if Teddy and Owen can work together, and when Mere asks what he means, Derek says he was surprised because it seemed like he didn't want her to get the permanent position and would rather she left Seattle. See, if he wasn't so preoccupied and if his shorter Businesslike McChief hair hadn't sucked all of his common sense and woman knowledge out of his pretty little head, he would have realized that what Hunt did was obviously based on his and Teddy's history, and he might have realized not to bring it up as something so casual to Mere. But he does, and while she yells after him to wish him good luck, the wheels are turning with what she just learned. Cristina walks up and is totally jealous to learn that Mere hasn't said something dumb and gotten herself kicked off Bobby's case yet, getting out all of her inappropriate name-calling in the process. Kelly walks up and calls her on it, and Cristina explains that the social worker won't return her call. She runs off to see if she can dump Kelly on Callie and Meredith calls after her, obviously about to ask about Owen and Teddy. Fortunately, she seems to think better of it and tells Cristina nevermind instead, so Cristina takes off with Kelly jogging along in her dust.

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