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The Elephant in the Room

Lunchtime! As Alex and Lexie buy food, eed runs by and tells Alex she's in for 715. Lexie asks what's happening then and is completely appalled when Alex explains he's got a pool going to guess Bobby's weight and the closest without going over wins. She absolutely can't believe he's still on the case and turns down his offer to join as they sit down with Mere and Cristina. The two women are trying to figure out how Bobby could have possibly impregnated Melissa, and figure that artificial insemination had to have been involved even though they don't know how he could have made it down to a clinic to, er... harvest a sample. Lexie figures that they could have done it the good old-fashioned way but no one can totally figure out how, and Cristina is annoyed to be interrupted by Kelly and tries to shoo her away to buy some ice cream. Kelly is rather precocious and points out that she's not allowed that much sugar, so Cristina points out that she can buy some roast beef instead, and Mere laughs as she says Kelly can stay. Cristina doesn't want her to because she's too interested in the conversation they were having about s-e-x, forgetting that at nine years old Kelly can spell just fine and Kelly points this out to her, completely fed up, before marching off to snack on some lunch meat. Back to the subject at hand, Cristina laughs as she decides to try and illustrate the logistics using a french fry as Melissa and a burger as Bobby. Unfortunately, Melissa walks by right then and Lexie has to clear her throat a few times before the others realize it. Melissa totally realizes what's going on and says there are definitely logistics, and do they want to know? Everyone sits in shamed silence so Melissa goes on that first maybe they want to share how they do it with their own partners, or what their kinks might be. When the silence continues she gives up and admits it is, "Probably none of my damn business anyway," before marching off, leaving the doctors all properly chastised.

Meanwhile, Richard and Bailey have to deliver the news to Bobby that in fact things are pretty bad -- the fat on his stomach has essentially died and is eating through his skin. Bobby makes some jokes but this time it's not just their wanting to remain proper that's keeping Bailey and Richard's faces somber, but the fact that it's a super high-risk surgery, and Alex walks in as Richard explains. Bobby finally gets serious himself and asks how long he has if he doesn't have the surgery. Richard tries to convince him he wants it, if not for him for his baby, but Bobby gives a glimpse again into how desperate he really feels and Bailey gets teary as he explains that kids should be playing ball and dancing with their dad, not bringing him food and cleaning it up. He declares sadly that he wants to be gone before his child has a chance to know him, and then asks them not to tell Melissa what he said -- rather, he wants them to say the surgery is too risky. Melissa walks right in and fortunately didn't hear through the audio forcefield that they've turned on in his open doorway, she just gives Alex a look and tries to be cheerful until she realizes just how somber everyone appears to be. She doesn't notice that Richard and Bailey give infinitesimal, sad nods of agreement to one another, presumably to keep the secret like Bobby has requested.

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