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The Elephant in the Room

Kelly is still hanging out with Cristina and asks if she can see her mom, which is what Cristina is currently trying to find out. She's still zooming around with Kelly trotting to keep up behind her but she finally lets the girl catch up when she asks if her mom is going to be okay. Cristina asks if she wants an honest answer and when Kelly says she does, Cristina admits she doesn't know. Kelly, being nine and worried about her mom while in a strange city, and after having to run everywhere to keep up with Cristina, finally asks if Cristina knows anything. Cristina turns and is brusque as usual but there's a hint of understanding as she tells Kelly she knows that it's scary when your parent is hurt and you feel alone. Kelly is suspicious and asks show she knows, so after a moment Cristina admits that when she was Kelly's age she and her dad were in a car accident where her dad was hurt, and she was really scared. Kelly asks if her dad was okay and Cristina seems to realize that now isn't the time to continue to give it to her little charge straight, so she says, rushed, that he was fine. As they start to look for Kelly's mom the doors burst open and Teddy, Avery, and a few others run through with Nancy's gurney and Teddy yells that she's had a rupture in her ventricular wall. She asks if Cristina is coming as a nurse says she'll take Kelly, and Cristina runs to the elevator with the gang. But Kelly starts screaming for her mom and Cristina is looking at her as the doors close -- at the last second she stops them and asks Teddy if she needs her. Teddy just orders her to get in or out, and after a half-second Cristina jumps out and looks at poor, desperate little Kelly and her terrified face and takes a deep breath.

Melissa has also been crying but she pulls herself together to angrily ask Alex for the discharge papers she has to sign. Alex tells her in his own brusque yet sincere way that he's sorry about what happened, but she isn't having it and points out that it's easy for them to joke because they didn't know Bobby before when he was a fraction of the man he is now. She points out that he's still the same guy that can make her laugh but that he's been trying to make the doctors laugh all day and she calls them too disgusted to smile or joke with him, which would make him feel like a human being. Ah, where sensitivity training goes too far -- robot doctors. Alex to his credit doesn't bother trying to explain that that wasn't what they meant, and she goes on to tell him she brought him here to get better but now he just feels worse, so she doesn't want to hear anything out of Alex unless it's how they are going to get him home. She walks off and Alex looks in at Bobby lying in bed as soulful music starts up so we are assured that something poignant is coming.

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