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"Paranoia gives you an edge in the OR." And all of the flashing visuals of cars on the freeway and brain scans will give you a seizure, wow. It's nighttime, and while Arizona has a patient coming into the ER, Cristina is talking her ear off about how she realized pediatrics is the specialty where one can do it all: general, cardio, ortho, etc. Arizona looks confused at Cristina's interest but not confused enough to nip this in the bud. Cristina sweet-talks her to try and get on her service and Arizona warns her that she has to like kids. Cristina assures her that she loves kids, so Arizona agrees to see her at rounds. Oh Arizona, how could you have worked there longer than a day and not know that this is never going to end well? Cristina looks immensely pleased with herself.

In the exam room, Alex is looking at the patient that was just wheeled in, and enough of his cheek is gone that you can see all the way to his teeth. Another proud moment for the effects team that made me flinch. Hunt assesses the kid and says that he needs something, and the approximately ten hovering interns in the room all scream that they'll get it. Hunt's confused as it is 4 AM, but Cristina murmurs to him that it's the merger. Hunt thinks that the Chief didn't intend for no one to sleep but Cristina answers, "It's hard to sleep when your job's on the line." Wow, I have the bar set pretty low for this show these days, but it's still a way better show than that clich├ęd line. Hunt calls for someone to get blood and meet him in surgery; Lexie yells the loudest and runs the fastest so she's the one to go get it.

Mere and Cristina are waiting for the elevator as the VO continues, "Surgeons play out worst-case scenarios in their heads." Cristina is living that statement, telling Mere that when she asked Callie about the Mercy West residents, she reported that they don't suck. She's already worked out that Mere will be safe because of Derek, Izzie because of the cancer, Alex because he's Bailey's current favorite and George, if he were still alive, because he was Owen's guy. As cardio has been such a mess, Cristina doesn't have anyone protecting her. So, as Mere points out, Arizona is her answer to this. Cristina agrees, because Arizona saves kids, and "No one likes a dead kid." She also figures that as they'll be under anesthesia half the time, it won't be any sort of big deal and asks the always jinxing question, "How bad can it be?" Mere looks like she has a good answer to that question as Cristina struts off proudly. VO: "You're ready to close, you've got the bleeder. You know it, but there's that one voice in your head asking...

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