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The page calls Cristina to the OR, where Arizona is asking a crying doctor what happened. Horrifyingly, she tells of how she made a cut to do an emergency c-section but that she must have pulled too hard to get the baby out. Cristina gasps as they show a baby with the arm nearly pulled off at the shoulder. It's actually less horrifying to see it as the baby is not one of the most... realistic effects that this show has pulled off, but the idea of this happening in real life makes up for the waxy baby doll. Arizona orders Cristina to get the umbilical cord and yells at her when Cristina seems to ask why -- the chirpy Arizona that looks for kids under the bed is totally gone for now and Cristina definitely seems surprised.

She finds the cord in the medical waste bin and as Sloan comes in to help, orders Cristina to bring her 5cm of it. She thinks that the umbilical artery is still viable and can be used in this surgery.

Lexie walks past Tom's room, where Jodie is sleeping in a chair next to his bed. He sees her, so she stops to ask him if he's okay and he explains that he injured his spleen and they are waiting to see if it stops bleeding. She tells him she's glad he's better but stutters that she should leave as she's not supposed to be there. When he points out that he's in restraints and couldn't hurt her even if the voices told him to, she's not sure how to react until he tells her it was a joke. "Schizophrenia humor." He then admits to her, with more self-awareness than I would have thought him capable, that he keeps trying to get rid of a recurring thought that they planted a camera in him during the ultrasound. He wants to wake his mom, but knows she is tired. Lexie thinks about it and then goes and pulls over a computer monitor that has his scans on it. She pulls one up and shows him the spleen, and the bleed, but that there is no camera. She offers to leave it there so that when the thoughts come back he can look at it again and see that it's not real, and they are just scary thoughts. He just stares at her while Lexie ponders the depths of what she just said and how unexpectedly it applies to her own life right now. Who could have seen that coming?

In the OR, Izzie is sweating rather profusely and a nurse mops her brow as she works next to Shepherd. They look up when someone pounds on the window to see Alex, who yells that it's 2:00 and holds up pills, water and a banana. Izzie heaves a sigh but Derek warns her not to fight in the OR, so she walks out. He watches through the window as Alex takes off her mask. She tells Alex she hates him but he tells her to shut up and then gives her the pills and some water, followed by some banana. She acts totally put out but does thank him after all, so he tells her again to shut up, puts her mask back on, and sends her back to work. Any sympathy I might have had for the character is gone with all this sighing and moaning about having to, I don't know, try to stay healthy.

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