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Lexie walks into the locker room (and they really did become residents, as that's the locker room they are using now) and excitedly starts to tell Stinky Two about how Hunt let her repair Tom's spleen all on her own. She's so excited she doesn't notice the stunned look on his face, and tells him that she realized as long as they focus on their jobs and their patients, they'll be fine. He replies by telling her that Megan was cut from the program, but he wasn't. Lexie is horrified and he tells her about the emails, and that 3/4 of their class was fired. He repeats that he's having a baby, and looks like a lost little boy as Lexie walks a discreet distance away to check her own email.

Derek walks into chaos -- doctors and nurses all with boxes of their belongings, getting ready to leave for the last time. He tells someone we've never seen before nor will again that it was a pleasure working with him, and then Megan approaches and tries to put on a brave face as she asks what she did wrong. Derek assures her that she did nothing wrong, it was just about money, and she leaves sniffling. Then we see Olivia, who also got cut. She is calm about the fact that she can find another job, but is stunned that she got cut after seven years and that all her friends are there. Derek can't really find anything to say other than to sincerely offer her any job recommendation she needs. She hugs him as Hunt watches it all. Derek joins him, Cristina and Meredith and agree it was a rough day, and Hunt tries to get Cristina to go home. Despite the fact that I think she's gone at least 60 hours with no sleep, she refuses. Meredith tells Derek she can't leave if Cristina isn't leaving. But things are winding down, because we get some Mere VO: "We're all susceptible to it.

"The dread and anxiety of not knowing what's coming." Lexie is in her street clothes, sobbing as if her heart is broken when Mark finds her. He assumes she's been cut and begins to tell her that he's going to the Chief himself but she stops him and tells him that she's safe. Even so, she can't stop crying and he puts his arms around her. VO: "It's pointless in the end."

Callie is getting food out of the fridge in her apartment when Arizona walks in and declares she hates the merger because she hates and actually doesn't even believe in long distance relationships, so Callie can't move to Portland. Callie acts petulant and tells her she didn't seem to mind earlier, but Arizona says she didn't know she was allowed to mind. But when Callie called her her girlfriend... she babbles a bit and then asks if she is, in fact, Callie's girlfriend. In a happy "duh!" voice Callie says she is, and Arizona happily tells her that she's then not moving to Portland and instead is going to go beg Richard for a job. Callie refuses but Arizona is adamant, and Callie smiles. I missed Callie this hour -- hopefully with the merger coming we get more of her again. The show is missing something without her.

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