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Alex and Bailey go out in the hall to confer, followed by a few interns. She wants Alex to take Tom for a wrist x-ray while she takes Jodie for an MRI, but Alex whines that an intern should be the one to "babysit" because if this turns out to be a "triple-a" he wants at it. All the interns yell for the opportunity to x-ray a wrist but Bailey thinks Alex is more experienced. Lexie pipes up, however, that Tom is paranoid and hypervigilant, and will pick up on the fact that Alex doesn't want to be there and might think Alex is then out to get him. Everyone stares at her, stunned, and she adds that she aced her psych clerkship. Alex and Bailey look suitably impressed.

Wow, remember when the stairwell was practically its own character on this show? Mere and Derek meet up there and he tells her about how Richard isn't talking to him, which shocks Meredith. I guess she is one of the few who hasn't had any direct contact with him lately to see what a pod person he's become. Derek asks how Mere is doing and she reports very proudly that she's been up for 48 hours, but she's good. I know this isn't uncommon for doctors, but I'll never get to the point where I'm comfortable with the idea of someone who is sleep-deprived working on me. But Mere really is calmer than anyone else and assures Derek that everything is going to be okay, they will all keep their jobs, and "We're all going to be amazing people and live amazing lives." He feels her forehead for a fever, not knowing this optimistic woman, but she attributes her being calm in a crisis to her unstable childhood. She then asks Derek if this is a crisis, and he admits he doesn't know.

Cristina and Arizona's first patient is a little girl named Sage who just had a tumor removed from her stomach, and when they walk in she pulls the sheet over her head and giggles. Arizona immediately starts playing along, trying to look for Sage, but Cristina is predictably unamused and will barely play along at looking under the bed as Arizona murmurs to Sage's mother that the lab results were all good. I get that Cristina doesn't like this, but surely she can't really have spent her life so insulated that she's never seen this behavior before and needs to actually look confused at how ridiculous it is. It's a bit of overkill. After Arizona asks if Sage is in Cristina's pocket, she's had enough and pulls the sheet off of the girl, who pouts, and tries to check her incision; Sage squeals at her not to touch it. Arizona jumps in to say that she thinks Mr. Bear would like to see her scar. Cristina tries to play along but gives Mr. Bear a deep, rumbly, crazy voice and Sage and Arizona both look at her like she's insane.

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