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They rush out to the lobby to see Tom on the stairs, with security guards above and below him. He stops short to avoid one of them and winds up falling backward down the stairs, ending in a crumpled heap on the floor. Lexie just drops her head into her hands, instead of rushing to see if he is okay, but then again no one rushes to his aid. I know that rushing to him actually might be dangerous given his state of mind, but is no one's instinct to check and see if the poor guy is dead?

They wheel Tom into an exam room while Bailey follows behind with a very-upset Jodie. Hunt tells her that while they don't think he's hurt badly, they need to do an ultrasound and she needs to wait outside. Once he goes in, Jodie rages to Bailey that she never should have left him alone. Bailey gently tries to give the woman her own test results, but she barely hears because she's looking in at her sedated son, so Bailey tells her straight-up that if her aneurism ruptures it would likely kill her, and so they need to do surgery right now. Jodie won't hear of it, however, since she needs to stay with Tom, and when Bailey asks gently if there is someone she could call to help with him, gentle music starts playing as she explains how her husband left and friends fell away. She then gives a number of examples of his little quirks and how she handles them, saying she would need to train someone before they could help and she needs a week. Bailey tells her honestly that she might not have a week and has to think about herself, but Jodie firmly replies that with a mentally ill son, she doesn't get to think about herself anymore. And while I get it, I also do find it a little strange that she's not considering what will happen if she DOES die -- that she won't have time to hire anyone and Tom will be completely alone and in a way worse position.

Callie pops in to the hospital for a brief moment and when Arizona sees her, Callie explains that she was stopping by to get case files because of a job opening she heard about in Portland. Arizona is confused so Callie explains that Richard already got rid of her once. Hang on a second, didn't she quit? Well, regardless, both women look confused but aren't bringing up the elephant in the room of Callie just mentioning another city. Instead, Arizona tells her that she's working with Cristina as she is interested in peds. Callie says she isn't and Arizona argues, so Callie passive-aggressively agrees, and when Arizona asks if Cristina said anything, Callie snorts that she didn't have to, "She's Cristina." Arizona doesn't know what that means and asks, and for one second Callie thinks about being loyal to her roommate. After a look from Arizona, though, she declares, "And you're my girlfriend; Girlfriend trumps roommate." She warns Arizona that Cristina is only interested in cardio and is probably sucking up just because of the merger. Arizona seems skeptical until Callie asks if Cristina is good with the kids, and Arizona concedes that she's totally right.

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