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Mere sits down at a cafeteria table where Cristina is eating chocolate pudding, and compliments her bear. Cristina introduces him and announces that he eats children. Mere asks if she's having fun and Cristina responds by telling her how much her little kidney stone patient wants chocolate pudding, and how the one she's savoring is the last in the hospital. Alex comes by to find out if they have a surgery he can get in on as the triple-a was cancelled, but with Cristina in peds and Mere in post-op, they have nothing. Cristina wants Mere to use her dead mommy connection to get merger answers, but Mere cheerfully tells them that they don't need it and are going to be fine. Lexie plops down and tells them all about her crappy day, including how when she went to watch a surgery, a shunt went bad and the patient needed to be opened up. Alex realizes she's talking about Derek and Izzie's surgery, and bolts because he thinks Izzie can't handle a 5-hour craniotomy. Lexie then tells Cristina how much she admires her, just in case she gets fired and doesn't have another chance, so Cristina gives her the rest of the pudding. Lexie then turns to Mere and laments how they had been getting so close.

Alex runs down and bursts into the OR to talk to Izzie but she tries to get him to leave and then tries to get Derek to kick him out. Alex figured he'll argue right there, then, and announces that Izzie gets tired walking to the mailbox and can't do this for 5 more hours, but she barks that she knows what she can handle. Derek mercifully cuts them off and orders them to have this conversation outside, but Izzie snipes that she's not leaving and yells at Alex, so he goes.

Cristina hangs out on the bridge, gazing at the Chief puttering around his office, when Hunt shows up in response to her page. She wants him to march in there and tell the Chief that as George has died, he needs a new guy and that guy is Cristina. He clearly has no intention of doing so and tells her he thinks she's safe, but Cristina is nearing the line of a nervous breakdown about the whole thing. She can't do peds anymore, and she's stressed out because the Chief is making a list of who stays and who goes. When Hunt tells her that they'll deal with it if she goes, she freaks out that there can be no "if," she has to be on the "stays" list. The list is her future and salvation; "That list is life." He's blown away that she's comparing the Chief's list to Schindler's list and the merger to the holocaust. She defends that she's Jewish, so she's allowed to. She then gets a page, and after confirming that he's not going to talk to Richard, she stalks off as he smiles and chuckles at her retreating back.

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