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I Am A Tree

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I Am A Tree

When Alex walks back from the bathroom and goes to pay his tab, Bailey stops him and tries to apologize for what happened earlier in the day. Alex: "You were right. I shouldn't be getting physical with patients." He walks off with an evil grin.

Mere voice-overs, "The body is a slave to its impulses." Cristina goes back to the hospital to check on Burke and finds his Mama still there, still hovering over her little boy. She tells Cristina sourly that it's late, and Preston needs his sleep. Cristina takes a deep breath and says, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Burke. I was just coming by to see if either of you needed anything before I went home for the evening." Mama says they're fine, but there's a teeny tiny softening in her face. You can't fool us, Mama! MereVO: "But the thing that makes us human is what we can control." Cristina tells Burke good night, and walks out. She runs into Daddy Burke in the hallway, who gives her a little look and says, "Hang in there." Sniff.

MereVO: "After the storm, after the rush, after the heat of the moment has passed..." Callie finds George outside lying on a bench, and hands him a bunch of flowers. "The panties?" she says. "Not mine." George is all, "Yeah?" Callie continues: "The jealousy? Insanely hot." George asks her what's with the suitcase, and she begins Frenching him. Dirty hot! MereVO: "...we can cool off and clean up the messes we've made."

Mere, George, and Callie arrive home to find Izzie baking some more. She's all sweaty and flour-streaked, and tells them she's busy, and they should leave her alone. "Izzie." Mere moves aside to reveal Bailey standing there. Izzie doesn't know what to do. Bailey walks over to Izzie and puts down her purse and starts talking. "I went soft. I had a baby, and I swore it wouldn't change me, does change you. I got tired, I got busy, and I stopped teaching...when you needed a teacher the most." Izzie says Bailey couldn't have stopped her. Bailey says yes, she could have. "You couldn't have stopped you, but I could have. And in the past, I would have. I went soft. And I'm partly to blame for what happened, so I want you to come back. You'll talk to the Chief, we'll work it out, because you're talented, and you're capable." She walks around the counter to where Izzie's standing, still clenching the stirring spoon with an iron grip. Bailey gently pulls it out of her hand. "That's enough muffins." I am crying. A lot.

As Addison opens the door to her hotel room, MereVO says, "We can try to let go of what was." Addie's all showered and in a robe and looking much better than she did during the "Amanda" hours. She glowers at McDreamy. "I thought you were room service." McDreamy walks in and says he feels terrible, and isn't proud of what he did. "You deserve better. And I'm sorry about the...about the panties. The prom. I'm sorry I did that." He walks over and sits down next to her on the bed. Addison says she's sorry he did that too, and takes a sip of her fancy champagne. Derek: "Our marriage is over." Addie guesses it is. McDreamy says it's all his fault, and this is incredibly sad. He's not so incredibly sad when the bathroom door opens, and out walks...McSteamy! He's gorgeous, and damp, and in a towel, and remarks, "This is awkward." McDreamy takes a swig of Addie's champagne and says, "I feel much better now." He gets up and walks out. And we get up and fade out. Yay!

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