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I Am A Tree
t means he's off "gyney." She starts to say something else, then looks over at something behind them. " can tell me...whose DAMN PANTIES are on THE BULLETIN BOARD!" Oh shit! The interns look over at the black lacy panties pinned to the board, and some of them cringe. Others cannot control their laughter. Meanwhile, Bailey lectures them that the hospital is a serious place where serious work happens. She asks whose they are. Callie looks over from the nurses' station and starts to giggle. Meredith tells Cristina under her breath, "This is bad. This isn't good." Cristina tells her she better claim them. "She thinks they're mine. Claim them!" Bailey catches them freaking out, and says she knew it was one of them. "It's ALWAYS one of mine. Always. So...tell me. Which one of you left your damn DRAWERS ON MY SURGICAL FLOOR?" No one says anything. Just when it's too unbearably tense to handle, Callie rolls her eyes and walks over. "Oh, no. Did I leave my underwear lying around again? I am so sorry, Bailey." She unpins the panties and slips them into her pocket. Then she walks off, all cool, like she leaves her black panties on hospital bulletin boards every day. Credits.

Bailey tries again when we come back: she tells George and Cristina to prep their patient for surgery. "Karev, pit. Grey, charts." She tells them not to make her regret setting them loose in the hospital, and quizzes George on what she means by that. George: "You mean check with you before we cut any wires or steal any hearts." Heh. Bailey gives George a look, then tells him he better not be trying to be clever. Damn, she is back. And Cristina says so: "Holy crap. The Nazi is definitely back." As she's saying this, she runs into Burke's mother. Cristina stutters around for a minute, then Burke's mom is all, "Did I hear you refer to Miranda Bailey as a Nazi?" She gives Cristina a lecture on who the Nazis actually were, and expects that Cristina -- as a woman of color, and a doctor, no less -- would think twice before using that word as a punchline. Cristina says she'll think about that in the future. McDreamy is passing by just then and is so pleased to meet "Preston's mother." She thanks McDreamy for operating on her son, then asks if she could borrow Cristina for a quick cup of coffee. McDreamy, to Cristina's extreme dismay, says that'd be no problem, no problem at all! Cristina attempts not to freak out and says she just has one quick thing to do, then she'll meet Mother Burke in the cafeteria. Awesome Diahann Carroll drawls, "Yes, yes. I look forward to it." She says it in the way that lots of Southern women do when they say, "Bless your heart," when what they actually mean is, "Fuck you. Honey."

McDreamy and Meredith, they meet again in an exam room. Meredith tells him that she'd normally like the things he said to her, and normally would even think the bulletin board thing was funny, but he's married. McDreamy doesn't know about the bulletin board, but says he's not going to pressure her. "Take all the time you need. Whatever you decide, I'm ending it with Addison today." Mere reminds him that he's said this before. McDreamy says yes, but this time he means it, and he's coming clean with her as soon as he sees her. He gets closer and closer to Meredith as he talks, and nearly kisses her before they're interrupted by Callie. Who looks very annoyed. Because she's the greatest. Derek leaves, and Callie hands Meredith's panties back to her. "You guys should think about getting a hotel room or something."

Cristina busts into Burke's room, where he and his sweet-looking daddy are reading. She acts weird and jumpy, and Burke's daddy kind of gives her this half-smile and goes back to his paper. Cristina walks over to Burke's bed to inform him that his mother wants to have coffee with her, and also thinks she's a racist stripper. Hee. Burke laughs. Cristina says it is not funny, not funny at all. Burke: "She's just my Mama, Cristina." Cristina recoils. "Your MAMA?" Burke says Cristina will love Mama when they get to know each other. "Everybody loves my Mama," says Burke. That's hilarious, and also perfect, because the sheer number of mama's boys below the Mason-Dixon would astound you. Do you know how hard it was to find a husband down here who wasn't retarded in love with his Mama? Al Lowe had to ship hers in from New Jersey! Cristina glares at him, and grits, "You. Will save me. From this." Burke just grins. After she leaves, Daddy Burke joins his son in a good healthy Southern-fried laugh. Silly women!

McDreamy finds Webber in his office and asks him if he's seen Addison. Webber says, actually, she needed a day off. "Something about finding another woman's panties in the pocket of your tux?" McDreamy says that's not how he wanted her to find out. You think? Webber says you don't leave another woman's panties around unless you do want your wife to find them. He admits that he knows a thing or two about affairs -- especially affairs with women named "Grey." McDreamy is all mad because he was going to end it with Addison today, and now he can't find her. He says it has to be over, because Meredith is not an affair.

Meanwhile, Miss Not-An-Affair is drawing blood from Benjamin. He tells her that she's very pretty, but looks kind of tired, and should probably change her hair conditioner. They totally stole that line from me. I think I say it in every recap. Ben's sister tells him that was rude, but Meredith says it's fine, those things are true -- and refreshing. Benjamin pulls out all the stops: "Did you have sex with that brain surgeon?" Meredith says no, she hasn't, not today anyway. Benjamin says he would -- he's hot. "And arrogant, in a way that's still sexy." Exactly. Benjamin says he would TOTALLY have sex with McDreamy if he could, and it looks like Meredith could, so what's the hold-up? Heh. Meredith just smiles placidly at him, like she's not thinking exactly the same thing.

Aw, here comes George, all jealous about Callie and her panties. He gets up close behind her and says he was just wondering about those panties, and how they ended up on the bulletin board, those black lacy panties on the bulletin board. Meredith overhears this and takes off. Chickenshit. George keeps wondering about the panties, and Callie keeps avoiding the question. Finally she turns to him with a coquettish look on her face. "Wow. You're jealous." She is loving it. George starts to argue, but is interrupted by Mrs. Seabury and another patient racing through the halls in wheelchairs. George is all, "Is that my...that's my patient!" and runs off to retrieve her. When the coast is clear, Meredith tells Callie she'll tell George the truth about the panties. Callie: "Don't you dare." They exchange knowing glances. Meredith was actually really cute in this scene, and I'm wondering if she's using a new moisturizer or something. She looks better than she has in months.

Alex is helping Callie prep for surgery and decides to make a little conversation. "So, you and O'Malley, huh? How'd that happen?" Callie: "I don't know. You're a surgeon; how'd that happen?" Bailey tells Alex he doesn't get to ask a resident personal questions, but Callie says it's okay. Bailey is on the warpath today: she says he's her intern, and it's NOT fine, is that clear? Alex says no, it's not, and what's also not clear to him is why she won't talk to Izzie. Bailey can't believe he wants to push her on this today, and turns to head outside to the ambulance bay. Bailey asks Mean Paramedic what they've got, and boy is it a big one: a 14-year-old boy was riding a street luge with his friends, flew off, was catapulted at least twenty feet into the air, and landed on a pile of tree trimmings. Fun. They pull the poor boy out of the ambulance, and...he's got an enormous tree limb poking through his abdomen. It is CRAZY. Drum Beats of "Dude, this is some fucked up shit" start to play, and...commercials.

When we return, Bailey is telling the kid that he's at the hospital an

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