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I Am A Tree

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I Am A Tree
out Finn bringing Izzie lunch, and confides that she's changed her mind, and is now picking Finn. Cristina, again, is all, "Whatever," and THEN says, "You know, I am not selfish!" Heh. She names several reasons she's not selfish, which nobody in the universe buys. Cristina stomps off, and Meredith turns around to witness George flirting with one of the nurses. She asks him if he's still jealous, and George says he's not jealous -- he's just living his life. Uh huh.

Oh no, it's Benjamin who says everything he thinks! He asks Cristina if she has a boyfriend. Cristina tries to ignore him so he repeats the question incessantly. His sister helpfully tells Cristina that he'll keep asking until she answers. Cristina says yes, she has a boyfriend. Benjamin: "If I had a boyfriend I would definitely not be as angry as you. Why are you so angry? Is it because you're frigid?" Aw. Cristina says nobody's frigid, then confesses that her boyfriend's mother called her selfish. Benjamin says she does seem kind of self-obsessed. I love Benjamin! Cristina says she's a surgeon, and in order to be a surgeon, a certain amount of self-obsession is necessary -- which her boyfriend gets, if not his mother. Benjamin tells Cristina that he used to have a boyfriend who understood, and loved him even when he got the tumor. "But his mother didn't. My offending everyone offended her. And he said he didn't care what his mother thought, but he did care. 'Cause now it's two years later, and I'm having brain surgery, and only my fat sister Ruth is here with me." Poor Ruth. Cristina tells Benjamin that was rude, and he says he's sorry.

Cut to Cristina scrubbing for Benjamin's surgery with McDreamy. She asks him if Benjamin will be his old self after the tumor's removed. McDreamy says just getting the tumor out and him living is what they're after; everything else is icing on the cake. We then get a back-and-forth montage of Benjamin and Tree Boy's surgeries. At one point in the latter OR, Alex says something snarky about Tree Boy's dad, and Bailey tells him to shut up, because she's had enough out of him today. Alex: "With all due respect, Dr. Bailey, I think you've gotten me mixed up with Izzie Stevens." I don't even know what that means, but it was awesome. The doctors prepare to cut the tree out of the boy's body. Benjamin starts bleeding in all the wrong places. He crashes. So does the other kid. Benjamin gets defibrillated, and we get commercials.

We come back to Joe's Bar and a very, very, extremely, really super drunk Addison Shepherd. She's eating muffins, drinking a martini, and telling Miranda Bailey how very fat she's planning to get. Just as a stopgap, you see. Until she figures out what to do next. She starts kind of crying, and says it's over, over, over, and now what is she going to do? Bailey tries not to fall asleep, and pats her hand. Addie isn't finished: "Over a skanky pair of panties and a bad tux. I am desirable, Amanda!" Bailey: "Miranda." Hee. Joe comes over and Addison tries to get him to say she's desirable. He says he already has a boyfriend. Addison: "I don't need you to tell me how wildly attractive I am. WILDLY! Attractive." Joe tells her that she told him to call a cab at 10, and it is now here. Addison gets all teary-eyed looking at "Amanda," and says she guesses it's for the best, huh? Bailey's all, "I would say so."

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