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I Am A Tree

Elsewhere in the bar, Mrs. Seabury has ordered one of everything, and offers to buy Alex a drink. He recognizes her as the cake lady from this morning. She cutely wonders if he can't drink with her since he's a doctor, and Alex says he certainly can. They clink glasses and beckon Joe for more drinks. Sweet.

Even elsewhere in the bar, George is throwing darts so badly he's about to put out the eye of the nurse he was flirting with earlier. She is, for no reason I can see, still interested. He nearly takes off the top of her head with his next dart, and Meredith asks him what the hell he's doing. George: "If Callie can be bad, so can I." Okay, there's the Callie brand of bad, and then there's George bad, which is just...BAD. On his next dart, Flirty Nurse gets a little scared and yells at him to watch it. Meredith has to pull him aside and remind him that Callie is so sexy, she's almost dirty hot. And crazier than that, she's hot for him. " could keep using the darts as weapons, or you could go get lucky with the sexy hot dirty girl." George realizes that this is an incredibly easy decision to make and leaves the bar. Cristina walks up to take George's place, and she can't believe that he's going off to get laid when she can't get five minutes alone with Burke. Mere pulls out a quarter and says the day's over, so she's flipping her coin. "Call it." Cristina says the brain surgeon should be heads. ["And the vet should be tails. Complete the thought, ladies!" -- Joe R] Meredith flips it, and is all, "Choice made!" She says she's being impulsive and honest, like Benjamin. Cristina: "Benjamin died. He wasn't impulsive and honest, Meredith. He was sick and brain-damaged. And now he's dead." Mere makes a sad face and puts away her coin. Oh, well! Guess Mere's got some thinking to do.

Bailey finds Mr. Hernandez in the bar, too, and asks if she can sit down. He nods yes, and he looks so pitiful that Bailey comforts him and tells him his son is going to be fine. Mr. Hernandez feels bad for letting him go off with his friends when he knew better. "I just keep picturing him going down that hill...and I didn't stop him. I should have stopped him." Bailey says kids just spin out of control sometimes, and you can't stop them. Mr. Hernandez says yes, you can. "You can control them. It's your job as a parent to control them." He says he went soft when his son needed him to be the father. Bailey looks at him knowingly and fondles a muffin. I bet you can't guess what she's thinking about right now.

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