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I Am A Tree

Mrs. Seabury and Alex are talking about being slutty. She's wishing she had been slutty in her lifetime, and wonders why she can't be slutty without being called names, since men don't get the same treatment. Alex is like, "Why do you care what people call you? I get called an ass, I don't care. I don't think you're slutty." Mrs. Seabury gulps her drink and asks Alex if he has a girlfriend. Oh, no! Oh, yes. She says she's going to go to the bathroom, and if she finds herself alone in there after two minutes, she'll touch up her makeup and come back out. "But should you have any interest in fulfilling the wish of a potentially dying woman, you know where I'll be." Ha! The dirty sex music starts up, and Mrs. Seabury heads to the bathroom. Alex downs his beer and follows suit. Woo!

Down in her basement dungeon, Callie is dancing to the dirty sex music, wearing nothing but a t-shirt, panties, and sunglasses, and she is ROCKING it. I think I'm in love with her. Unfortunately, Webber passes by as she's gyrating and busts her hard. He stands in her doorway watching. "Getting some exercise, Dr. Torres?" Callie stops and just stands there in her tiny pink panties. "Yes. Yes. Sir. Chief Webber." She pulls off the sunglasses and stops the music. Commercials.

Meredith sits in Joe's Bar alone, sipping a drink. Finn walks in all slow-motion hot, and she smiles at him. Oh, but wait! Here comes McDreamy, also in slow-motion, and she smiles at him too. She's all, "Thanks for coming. Both of you." Ambush! She tells them that she likes them both, and thought she had a choice to make. "And I thought I had to decide. But I think I owe it to myself to consider my options. There's this thing that allows for the considering of options. In the olden days, they called it dating." McDreamy and Finn are intrigued, and both TOTALLY in. Mere says she understands if they're not up for it, but she really hopes they are. She gets up and leaves. My two boyfriends turn and face off. Finn: "You bowing out?" McDreamy: "No. You?" Finn: "I don't think so." Excellent.

Back in the dungeon, Webber and Callie are enjoying a nice cup of coffee together on her basement bed. Webber is telling Callie he understands why she likes living in the hospital: she gets all the best trauma cases in the middle of the night, and he respects that, but also, he can't have it. Callie's all, "So I have to go, but you're allowed to live in your office?" Webber says he guesses he has to follow his own rules if he's throwing her out. They share a laugh, and then George busts in the door. "Okay, I'm jealous! I have a right to be jealous because I don't want other guys touching your panties!" Hee. George takes in the scene of his girlfriend and the chief of surgery all on the bed together, and storms out. "Great! Just great." Webber hands Callie her coffee mug and says she might want to clear that up. I'll say.

Mrs. Seabury gleefully returns from the bathroom and starts gathering up her things. Joe asks if she's heading out, and she replies with a huge grin, "Gotta get back to the hospital, Joe! Gotta go kick this cancer's ass." Aw. Alex made her want to live. That's quite the testament to his skills, all you naysayers.

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