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Four days into being back at work, Mere and Derek can barely peel themselves out of bed in the morning, but they still have Callie there helping out and making coffee, and they figure that is the only way that they are surviving. Once they are up, the three of them work together to get the kids up, fed, and ready to go, and Mere VO's that being a surgeon is a commitment, because it requires the most focus and dedication of any specialty… except, possibly, for being a mom. Mere tells Zola that she will pick her up from work and then they are going to have a princess tea party and as Derek gets her out the door and kisses Mere, she stops to congratulate all of them at being very good at this routine. Callie calls after Mere and then hands her the breast pump that she forgot and as she takes it, Mere kisses Callie too. Both pause, a little confused about what just transpired, and Callie admits they might actually be TOO good at playing house like this.

It's very convenient that James Remar's character name is also James, though he tells Princess flirtatiously that she should call him Jimmy, and lop a few years off of his age to put him back in his 40's. Cristina tells him he's going to do a treadmill test so they can see how his new valve is holding up, but just then she gets a page that there might be an organ available for one of her transplant patients. Princess is put in charge of the test.

It seems that no one but she and Alex know James' secret identity, James included. Princess insists on calling him, "your dad" but Alex tells her to cut it out and adds that he took his mom's last name specifically so he'd have no connection to James whatsoever. Princess does not want to let it go, though, and whines that Alex should re-introduce himself because, after all, he changed, so maybe his dad did too. I'm not sure this is the best idea and neither does Alex, who pointed out that the last time he saw his father he was punching him so hard he could have killed him, and he's worried that he could easily wind up picking up where he left off so many years ago.

Mere hears about Cristina's heart/liver transplant and excitedly reminds her that the patient, Samantha, was Mere's patient before she went on leave and Mere was the one who diagnosed what sounds like a rare liver condition. Cristina is surprised to hear that Mere wants in on the transplant, while Mere gets extremely touchy that Cristina didn't think of her immediately. Cristina thought Mere would want to ease back into surgery but Mere insists that she's someone who jumps in the deep end, so Cristina starts to consider the idea. She asks Mere if she read a particular article on simultaneous heart/liver transplants blah medicalese fancy procedure blah, but Mere didn't and asks if it is different from a regular old heart/liver transplant. Cristina just gives her a look and Mere immediately agrees to read it. Bailey then walks up, all excited because Cristina had paged her to do the liver portion of the surgery, but Cristina tells her she doesn't need her any more. Bailey is thoroughly miffed at Mere for stealing the surgery, but Mere just sing-songs that she named her son after Bailey, so Bailey can't be mad at her. Bailey did not get that memo, and just charges that Lil' B, "drinks the milk of a liver thief!"

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