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"Number one rule of surgery is 'limit exposure.' Keep your hands clean, your incisions small, and your wounds covered," Mere tells us. Bailey is doing just that with a patient and narrating to the full gallery that she's removed a tumor and placed catheters in the abdomen to flood it with heated chemo, which will target cancer cells and leave the other ones alone. Is this a real thing? I've never heard of this but it sounds kind of amazing. They then start tipping the gurney up and down and jiggling the poor guy to help make sure the chemo gets everywhere. It's like they're shaking a giant human cocktail.

Upstairs, once Bailey looks up and sees that Callie was there, Callie gets up to leave since she's got a headache and needs coffee. Arizona whispers a saucy suggestion that she knows what would work even better than coffee for a headache, and the ladies head out which leaves an open seat for Teddy... right next to Cristina. The two squirm uncomfortably so it's apparent that they haven't yet addressed what happened the night before (I believe). Teddy comments that she's never seen this "hot chemo lavage" before, but rather than stick to banal conversation about groundbreaking surgical techniques, Cristina just says she thought Teddy was leaving. Somehow between then and now, the Chief asked her to stay a few weeks until her contract was up and Teddy agreed. Mere VO's, "Number two rule of surgery is 'when rule number one stops working, try something else.'" Cristina says that she didn't mean what she said, but Teddy just chuckles and reminds her that she offered to "trade Owen like a horse." Cristina's momentarily at a loss for words but when she tries to apologize Teddy shuts her down and tells her to forget about it. Mere: "Because sometimes you can't limit exposure."

Across town a different fight is in full swing -- this is why I'm fairly sure it's the next day, as Meredith and Derek are having a screaming match about whether or not to go to the board about Richard. In real life, I'm sure would have just happened as soon as Meredith told Derek about Richard's drinking and not waited until the next morning for storytelling purposes. Mere VO's: "Sometimes the injury is so bad, you have to cut and cut big." Derek is yelling that he's going to report Richard to the board, while Mere yells back that this will end Richard's career, and that Derek doesn't give anyone room to have flaws. Seriously, I think "running a hospital while intoxicated" is a bit more than someone who, say, bites their fingernails. I do think that Derek could take the step of talking to Richard directly before going to the board, but on the other hand that never really works with him even when he's not drinking. Mere tells him, "Flaws are unacceptable to McDreamy." He gets mad at her using the nickname but she goes on to say McDreamy is being a "McAss." Derek then asks if he's been drinking since the holidays. Dude, McDreamy can connect the McDots -- they're big enough -- but clearly he's just asking to get to Mere. Would it have been too much for anyone to show logical thought processes or concerns during this ridiculous fight? Mere wants him to admit that he wants Richard's job, but Derek just tells her he has a responsibility to the hospital. He won't admit to any job-coveting and instead says the conversation is over. As he storms out, however, Mere calls "Post-It!" He says she can't do it but she does, claiming that she told her husband, not the head of neuro, a secret about her friend. Seriously, now Richard is her friend? These two have had a complicated relationship the whole duration of this show that yes, has gotten better lately, but I don't know that they've made it to "friends." Dear show: Make up your mind about their relationship but don't make her hate him when it's convenient for one story and "friends" with him when it's convenient for another. My head is spinning. They yell some more but Derek gives, and when Mere smiles at her victory he's overcome by how cute she is and they make out. Honestly, this whole argument scene was so maddeningly stupid, I can't believe I just gave it this much real estate. Mere's pager beeps and she tells Derek that Izzie is coming home and that she has to tell Alex. Derek tells her he won't go to the board or even say a word, but asks her to think about what he said.

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