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The Ugly Truth

Cristina and Teddy are in the ICU and look in at Jeff sitting next to Aaron's bed. Quietly, Cristina tells Teddy that she gets It, but Teddy is annoyed and baffled as to what she might mean. Cristina calmly tells her that she chooses surgery over a guy and won't apologize to that, especially to Teddy, because she proved by saving Aaron's lung that she understands that. When the right thing to do was to remove the lung, Teddy knew Aaron didn't want to live without his "gift" and Teddy understood that. Cristina says that she chooses her gift, and that she wants to be great and learn from Teddy. "I choose my gift," she repeats.

Izzie finds Mere and asks her how the surgery went, and Mere lies and said it was great. Izzie is her old happy self and congratulates her before asking if she's Derek has called Tacoma. Again, Mere lies and says she doesn't know. Izzie tells her that the scans came back and she's in great shape, then asks if Derek could mention when he calls that she's not dying of cancer. She declares that she's going to get the job, get Alex back, and be herself again before she turns to go show Derek the scans. Mere stops her and says that she'll go tell Derek while Izzie goes and tells Alex about her results. Unlike most people on this show, she can lie fairly convincingly and Izzie skips off before Mere's smile dies.

She finds Derek and tells him he can go to the board, but when he goes to hug her she shoves him away and walks out. Derek stares after her, sad and a little confused. Look dude, she may be acting like an idiot but she's always been consistent about that and I'm not sure why you thought she'd be happy about caving to your blackmail offer.

Owen rushes into Joe's, late for a drink with Teddy, but she tells him that it's all good because it gave her a chance to get drunk. And she is DRUNK -- he has to be REALLY late even if she was pounding shots. She slides a shot and a beer over to him and he asks the occasion, but she launches right in to a commentary on his love life, rather to Owen's alarm. Slurring, she explains that she thought Beth (his former fiancée) was an idiot, or at least not good enough for him, because she said that once they were married she was done teaching and planned to just start having babies, which Teddy dismissed as having "zero ambition." Owen is super uncomfortable and tries to cut in but she's on a drunken roll, and goes on to talk about how Cristina is the total opposite and tells him that she is beautiful and talented and then admits that Cristina is right and Teddy does understand her. At this point Owen stands up and hurriedly asks for the bill so Teddy, knowing she's losing her window of opportunity, blurts out that Cristina was willing to trade him, that if Teddy stayed she could have him. Owen freezes, completely appalled.

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