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The Ugly Truth

Cristina opens her apartment door and sees Owen standing there with sad eyes. She demands to know where he was and says she left him 10 messages, but underneath her bravado it's obvious she was worried. When he doesn't respond she asks if he's drunk, and he just grabs her and kisses her almost violently. She pushes him away and asks what's up, and he tells her that she would miss that, and explains that she thinks surgery is going to make her feel, to make her be happy. She grabs her wine glass and takes a big swig, clearly realizing what must have happened. Owen tells her that she thinks nothing matters but people do matter. "We matter." Instead of getting pissed and running at what happened, he's going to fight for his love, and it's incredibly awesome. He tells her, "So you don't get to toss me aside. I won't let you." She stares at him with tears in her eyes before crumbling and kissing him passionately. Mere tells us: "We have to damage the healthy flesh, in order to expose the unhealthy.

"It feels cruel." Lexie runs after Mark as he walks out of the hospital and asks him how Sloan's surgery went, but his response is to blurt out that he slept with Addison. She's super relieved, which surprises him, but immediately she confesses to sleeping with Alex. He quickly goes from downcast to stunned as Lexie babbles like she always does when she's nervous. She thinks this is great and their transgressions cancel each other out, but Mark, when he finally can speak, asks if she slept with Karev. When she repeats that she did, Mark lets loose with some fantastic hypocrisy, asking if she really slept with him when he was with his sick daughter and hurting. Lexie, thank goodness, replies by pointing out he wasn't hurting so much as having sex with Addison. Mark only sees this in terms of himself, though, and reminds her that she broke up with him and then declares that he can't even look at her, and he leaves. It's absolute bullshit. Lexie is speechless, understandably, since she's been thrust into a no-win situation by Mark's massive double standard.

Izzie has gone back home and is packing, with open boxes all around. Wait, so she first moved into the trailer and then fled town indefinitely but she left enough at Meredith's house to need big moving boxes? That's nice of her. Mere asks if Izzie knows what it cost Meredith to make this job happen because yes, the Chief would still be running the hospital drunk and things would be just dandy if not for this. Come on, Mere. Izzie just tells her to apologize to Derek but Mere replies that it's not about that, and tells her that she can't just walk away from people and throw them away. It's a little late for that lesson, don't you think? Izzie just tells her she can't stay, she has to start over elsewhere, so Mere finally pleads, "Please don't go." She calls this Izzie's home, but as she said at lunch Izzie tells her that this is just somewhere she worked, and she can do that anywhere. Mere turns and leaves. I either mistyped her voiceover or they edited a sentence so badly that when they cut it in half they either added or forgot words so that it didn't make sense, but the gist is that against common sense, the cutting works.

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