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The Ugly Truth

"You risk exposure for the sake of healing." Very literally, (at least to Callie who doesn't know that Arizona lied) Arizona climbs into bed with Callie and when Callie protests, says she'll risk getting sick. Thankfully, someone finally thought to put some lotion on Callie's spots.

"And when it's over, once the incision has been closed, you wait." Meredith and Derek are in bed under Derek's brain diagram, lying on their backs and definitely not touching. Mere is staring at the ceiling while Derek has his eyes serenely closed, but he's definitely not sleeping as he answers Mere when she asks if he saw Richard before he left -- he didn't because he didn't think it would make it any easier. Accusingly, Meredith asks if he means easier for Richard or himself. Derek tells her that it was the best and only thing to do and that she knows it, but Mere tells him to stop pretending as it's just the two of them there, and to admit that he did it for himself. He chose surgery and ambition over love. Again, WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN? Well, not children, but how about him choosing the well-being of the patients and the hospital? What about the doctors that ran out of sterile supplies because Richard mismanaged things? What about that poor whipple patient if Richard had really tried to go through with the surgery? But no one brings up any of that, instead Derek just accuses her of being selfish too -- that she knew Richard wasn't ready to operate but she wanted to do the surgery so she turned a blind eye. Derek tells her that they are the same. "You wait. And you hope that your patient will heal. That you haven't, in fact, just made everything worse." She glances at him for one second, and then we're done for the week.

I guess now we really are to believe that Derek did this at least in part for personal gain, and I know they've been trying to suggest that for a while now, but the problem is that it's never been believable -- in every episode where someone has broached the subject, it has always just seemed shoved in there and not actually ever shown. While Derek has mentioned wanting to be Chief someday, I've never gotten the impression he wants to step on Richard to do that. And while he's certainly got a number of flaws and I'm not the president of the McDreamy Fan Club, I don't get the impression he really enjoyed ending Richard's career prematurely due to Richard's illness. And I especially don't believe that Meredith wasn't saying anything just because she wanted a cool surgery. I could have gone with her not wanting to complicate her relationship further with Richard, given that they only have started getting along relatively recently, but that was never even suggested. It's been extremely aggravating, and I only hope that this story is fleshed out more satisfyingly as we move forward or else this knot in my forehead is only going to get bigger from continued smacking.

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