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The Ugly Truth

Cristina and Teddy are now in with Alex and Aaron as Alex draws fluid from Aaron's lung. Cristina begins to explain that this might not be an infection, but Teddy cuts her off to give the task to Alex as he's the one who diagnosed the patient. Alex smirks, fortunately behind Aaron's back, and then says that this fluid could be a sign of heart failure or cancer. Horrified, Aaron asks if they will have to remove his lung. Jeff cuts in after the doctors answer to assure him that it's only one possibility, but Aaron interrupts him as if he's not even there and tells the doctors that singing is his entire life. Stung, Aaron adds for him that what he meant to say is that singing is his life besides Jeff. Aaron stays silent, as he obviously does not agree that his boyfriend might mean more to him than his career.

Derek is slumped over the railing of the hospital bridge, and Bailey joins him to gripe about Richard taking her whipple and letting Mere do a part of the procedure that Bailey herself didn't do for the first time until a year ago. She says that the Chief's judgment isn't clear nor rational -- she's very emotional about it, but it's the most levelheaded and straightforward thing anyone has said regarding Richard, and this from someone who did try and cover up for him not long ago. Derek says he can't do anything but Bailey tells him that he's the only one who can, then sadly tells him about how disappointed she was that Richard wasn't there to see her crazy awesome hot chemo that morning, which was a really big deal for her. She admits she doesn't know why she thought he would show anyway, though, because, "He's gone. He's been gone a long time." Derek looks thoughtful while Bailey walks off.

Lexie brings Callie some charts to go over some of her patients, as Arizona thought that might help her take her mind off the itching. Clearly it's been a problem, as her hands are swaddled in gauze and she begs Lexie to take them off, and then when Lexie refuses, orders her to do it as her superior. Lexie had been warned about both of these reactions by Arizona, whose service she is on today, so that means Callie can't order her around. She refuses to talk about the patients as Lexie goes through the chart and instead begs "Little Grey" to help her out. That nickname is killing Lexie after her saucy night with Alex but Callie doesn't notice and begins talking about her epic pain and how Lexie will never understand. In response, Lexie blurts out that she slept with Alex. I have to interrupt here a moment and ask, why does Callie not have any calamine lotion on? That would help at least somewhat to help the itching and therefore also the level of lunacy she has going on right now. Lexie babbles about how she regrets what she did because she loves Mark and was just scared about the having a daughter/being a grandpa thing. Callie stares at her and then finally asks why she's telling her this; Lexie explains that she's in pain too. Callie merely informs her, "I have pox between my buttcheeks," and then tells her that her pain doesn't even compare before ordering her out.

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