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The Ugly Truth

Mere is still practicing for her procedure while the others eat lunch around her; Cristina is polling everyone as to what they would choose between surgery and love. When she asks Alex, Mere obnoxiously cuts in and demands that he would choose Izzie. Izzie didn't just ditch Alex -- she ditched everyone and then only showed up for a few minutes when she needed something from them before leaving again. I know that married Meredith is happy, but let's all at least not ignore what happened, shall we? Avery is in there since he's operating with Meredith later, and he wants to know why they have to choose, as he wants both and Meredith agrees. Cristina takes Meredith's advice from earlier to heart and doesn't say why she's asking, but she just insists they have to choose and keeps pressing them. Izzie then walks in and asks, "Choose what?" like she belongs there. Her scan was postponed so she thought she would join them for lunch. Alex ignores her but Cristina picks right back up and reminds them all of the thrill of surgery. Meredith finally admits that if a gun was to her head she'd pick surgery, which makes Cristina endlessly happy and she wonders out loud why that was so hard to admit and why it's so taboo. Izzie calls her crazy and everyone is surprised as if we haven't heard her spout this kind of thing before. She says that surgery is just one's job and that if you lose a job you can find another, but you can't do that with your love. Alex continues to ignore her while she stares at him and says that nothing else matters. Honestly, she was singing quite a different tune before she realized that Alex might finally be tired of being treated like a doormat and might actually be moving on. He finally pipes up and tells her that he'd choose surgery. "Love comes and goes. Surgery doesn't." She's disheartened by this but there's no time for debate as he and Cristina are paged about test results. After they leave, Izzie of course declares that she chooses love, and Mere jumps out of her chair and yells, "Yes!"... because she did the surgery correctly. Sorry Izzie, it really isn't all about you.

Cristina and Alex have gone to give Aaron his results -- he has cancer in the lining of his lung and a tumor growing, but the best-case scenario is that they won't have to remove anything but the tumor. Jeff is thrilled and repeats it but Aaron bites his head off and reminds him that the worst thing is that he loses his lung, and then rips into him when he tries to be positive and declares his life to be over. Teddy tries to assure him that he'll recover and move on but he demands to know how he'd do that as he's a singer. When Jeff suggests teaching, Aaron is completely cruel in announcing that he'd rather die than live like Jeff, teaching or directing. Teddy encourages him to think about it and get a second opinion, but Aaron declares that he just wants his lung, sounding like a petulant child. He tells a story about how he's too big for everything, both physically and emotionally; for example he wants to throttle the waiter if his food isn't cooked correctly. Very theatrically, he says that he doesn't, though -- he just sends it back politely. I don't believe it for a second, as this is the same guy singing over everyone in the ER so that he'd get more attention. He says that he spends his life making himself smaller so that he can fit in, but on stage he can express every emotion at the huge level that he really feels it. He tells them that if he can't do that, he doesn't want to live. He then turns to Jeff and assures him that Jeff wouldn't want him to live that way either. I hope I wasn't supposed to turn sympathetic after that little speech, because I only found myself saying that maybe he'd have to do what everyone has to do, which is try and be a decent person, living in polite society. I have no patience for people that think life can only work one way -- their way. Things don't go as planned. Pull yourself together and move on.

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