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Once in Aaron's surgery, Teddy is dismayed to see that the tumor is colossal and that she'll have to remove his lung and diaphragm. Then, as if trying to convince herself, she says to no one in particular that she's doing what is best for optimal survival. After a moment, though, she changes her mind and decides to remove the tumor and just throw in some of that groundbreaking chemotherapy that Bailey tried that morning. It's kind of hilariously absurd how easy she makes this solution sound, and Cristina voices some token opposition by reminding her that the procedure was only proven to work for abdominal tumors. Teddy tells her that research was also being done to apply it to cases like these, and that as he's a singer he needs his lung. Cristina Thinks deeply about all this while Teddy embarks on her awesomely spur-of-the-moment, rare, and complicated procedure that just happens to show she understands someone's desperate need for their career. It's all so very convenient!

Callie wakes up from a nap, finally with lotion on her pox, and finds Mark sitting next to her bed. He explains that he had them as a kid, and then climbs into bed with her since she's obviously unhappy. He asks her about LA and he says that Addison did nick an artery after all, but she fixed it and Sloan and the baby are fine. It feels sort of like he rushes through all of that though so that he can admit that he slept with Addison. Callie's not thrilled to know this and when Mark asks if he should tell Lexie she assures him that he absolutely should not. It's good he can't see her face as he goes on about how Lexie is such a good person. He's surprised at her advice but she holds firm on the keeping it to himself. She then moans in discomfort and so he crawls over her so that he's spooning her, and he begins to rub his forearm over her clothed arm and his cheek on her shoulder, pointing out that this won't leave any scarring. Callie appears to be happier than she's ever been in her life.

Alex goes down to the waiting room and tells an amazed Jeff that they saved Aaron's lung. Jeff is, like Alex, happy but there's an undercurrent of something else in his tone when he asks what is next. Alex warns him that it will be a long recovery but that Aaron will be fine, and Jeff finally asks him if it makes him horrible to be a bit disappointed since losing a lung would have made Aaron to live like everyone else and he'd have to do all the things he finds demeaning. Jeff goes on to say that what is really demeaning is loving a man and taking care of everything for him, including his humidifiers, which clearly Aaron cares about more than he actually cares about Jeff. Alex tells him, not unkindly, that they have a ton of nurses to care for Aaron and that Jeff could leave right now. But Jeff sadly replies that he loves him and adds that Alex should hear him sing. Alex says that no one sings that well, but Jeff says he does. I say go see him in concert, then, but find yourself a man who doesn't treat you like a doormat.

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